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Pied piper master's title quest?

Has anyone done pied piper master’s title quest recently? I can’t seem to get the quest dialogue option from pied piper master after talking to the oracle master. My character is also a pied piper and has finished its costume quest too, so I’m not sure if that’s interfering with the title quest.

i did it before rebuild so im not sure but there are some steps in the game that can only be triggered after u read the quest item, so might as well try that

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I think there might have been a bug with master quests that dont give titles anymore,

I remember some months ago people were saying they didnt get a title for omnyo master quest

I never got my shinobi title and I did it long ago with my swordy :frowning:

now she has nothing for her efforts, not even a title :sob:

Yea sounds like a bug, might have to bring it up with staff

That’s the first thing I did when I got the memo.

I got “master of yin and yang” just fine.

Ouch, that’s awful. :grimacing: Considering all those hours of farming and not even getting anything to show for it. Thankfully, I had no problems getting “shinobi seeker” when I recently did it.

I would post pics of my char with the titles equipped, but that’s basically impossible after changing language to fix ui bug. v.v

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Only onmyo is bugged atm, I did all of the old r8 class unlocks recently and was able to get all but the Yin-Yang title
And it might be bugged for Onmyoji’s only. (The char I tried to unlock it on is currently an Onmyo and I havent done it with any other character after rebuild)

@DrRM I did the shinobi title quest a few days ago with no problems (on a character that is not a shinobi, but has the class unlocked). Are you sure the quest is 100% complete? Check the adventurer journal to see if your character name is there like this:

nope I got nothing and I was a shinobi (did the quest from start to finish)…

not even got the advancement and npc treats me like she never saw me before :frowning:

In fact I became shinobi before I got my pied piper title and I got that one and the master of yin yang too

prob will ask me to do quest again from start and thats a big NO

sad didn’t took more pics specially non of inventory D:

should have taken some of that book :frowning:

Sounds like so far you can’t get the titles for the classes that you are, which is really ironic.

Er, I think my exorcist title quest isn’t going through either.

After I made the medicine and gave it to NPC Rimanta in spring light woods, the orb of guidance tells me to talk to the exorcist master. However, he just gave me a generic dialogue and opens his shop.

And I can’t find the a reasonable excuse for it since I’m not even an exorcist. Has anyone gotten the exorcist master’s title recently?

Finally had the chance to test out my theory. So being a pied piper yourself does hinder you from continuing pied piper title quest.

Still no clue on what’s the problem with exorcist’s title quest, though.