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Pied Piper Flute Score Sheet

Hhhmmm it’s seems no more player create post about pied piper flute score sheet.
I want to try create some, hope you guys enjoy it.
If my Score Sheet wrong, please help me to fix it :trumpet:

I need create new pied piper to playing flute :sad: , well just this for now
If you have more Score Sheet that already implement to Pied class please post here, i want try it too :satisfaction:

Some score sheet from this forum i already try it and it’s fun, thnks alot for who create it.

Hack - Liminality - Sweet_Memories

AldnoahZero Ending

Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand

Bleach - Alones


can u make some sheets for Gerudo Valley zelda?

How do I interpret these? What does “|” and “.” mean? I’m guessing the spaces are breaks between each sets of notes?

“.” probabily are to “hold” the key pressed

“|” means full stop, “.” means hold for one note.

@Matsunaga you should try songs that using minor notes (using Spacebar) as well, to give a challenge lol

Throwing my fav Celtic song, Scarborough Fair

W . W Y . Y E R E W . | Y 1 2 . 1 Y U T Y .
2 2 . 2 1. Y Y T R W E Q
W Y T . R E W Q W . | R E Q W .

W . W Y . Y Y E R E W . | Y 1 2 . 1 Y U T Y .
2 2 . 2 1 . Y Y T R E Q
W Y T . R E W Q W .

What’s the difference between a space and a full stop? The “.” represents holding the key that’s before it, right? Like “E . . . . R T” means holding down the “E” key? But then what does “3 . 5 3” signify? It’s (3)(space)(.)(5)(3); do I hold down the “3” key?

I believe that 3space doesn’t exist, as space indicates a Minor ver of the note (that black tabs on the piano).

what does the 1 2 and 3’s mean?

1 2 3 on your keyboard if youre using US keyboard.

Right? It’s SUCH a beautiful mechanic :pleading_face: omg.
Makes A LOT of sense for a musical/performer class and it would’ve been a huge hit in Ragnarök online if they had had this idea. I took a PP as first advencement after archer last weekend — and, let’s be honest, it’s unplayable for leveling, but I had to try this playing music stance for godess’ sake.

Named him Fervo, btw (as an homage to Frevo music style, a gorgeous music style, generally a trademark for our famous carnival - from where I’m from: Pernambuco, Brazil). Here’s some of it for you guys to taste (it’s definitely not the best of Frevo, but it’s nice):