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Pied Piper DPS build

Are there any DPS build using pied piper? Maybe Ranger - Pied - Mergen. I ask because I personally did not like playing as a falconer (I’m very sad for not liking, because I know it is OP), so I want an alternative for my alternative character :stuck_out_tongue:

Theoretically piper goes well with classes that utilize damage over time (sapper and wugu).

I personally like piper in my cannon build. A bit of crowd control for slow attacks of cannon.

But can I use piper for PvE?

Oh… I think I’ve heard people say piper is more of a PvP class, and honestly it’s not that great in PvE imo.

I should have said I use cannon classes when I wanna play piper build instead of liking piper in my cannon build.