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[Pied Piper Costume Quest] - Doubts

I watched some videos of players doing the quest but I still can not understand how the arrows work. I know that I have to bring the light to the finish line at least ten times to get the maximum reward, but I can not manage that. Can somebody please guide me throughout this f*cking quest? Thanks for everybody <3

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If you want to cheese it, remap your keys to WASD movement, and arrow keys for the directional flutes. Makes it a lot more intuitive. Using the zoomy addon also helps.

Thank you for the fast reply but I’ve got one more problem: there is no starlight following me. I mean … It isn’t there. :confused:

Sounds like a settings issue. If you tick all the checkboxes in the settings menu, it might appear. Othan than that, I have no idea.

It was my fault. I didn’t pay attention in the beginning and now I see that sometimes the light has to go top-bottom or bottom-top. kkkkkkkkkkk. I’m really sorry.
I really appreciate your guide/help but it’s still hard. good thing is: I dropped a Summoning Gem while I was running in the map lol
I gotta be faster and practice more.

Thank you again <3