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Pied Piper and Wugushi

So not sure if this is a bug but crescendo bane and lies de weltbaum do not stack on poison property attacks in terms of total damage. Might be due to the description and format of crescendo babe. Applies x2 poison property attack.

lied des weltbaum has to be active when you apply the poison. poison is technically a debuff state, so if you’re using lied des weltbaum after you’ve already inflicted the poison then it will have no effect. the only exception to this is with throw gu pot, which re-applies the poison debuff with each tick, so can benefit from using lied des weltbaum 2nd. this may not be what you’re seeing, but i’m taking a wild stab in the dark and gonna assume that it is. it’s why i really don’t like wugushi. i’m on team sapper.

Did you test this because from my experience when I use qs block and shoot the damage increase effects all poison damage before and even after enemies been rebuffed. Be sure to test these things before you say something lol. Wels works during poison. The problem is wels is suppose to double the damage and so is crescendo bane. They are not stacking after each other

yes. you can go and test lied des weltbaum for yourself. use wu gong gu or something and use lied des weltbaum after, and the damage of the poison won’t be boosted. (it’s possible they’ve changed//ninja-patched it but i tested it both before and after re:birth). it will boost throw gu pot though, because the poison puddle re-applies the debuff.

I tested it and can use lied after the poison is applied and it increases damage still

interesting. wonder why it didn’t when i tested. maybe a bug immediately after re:birth? that makes wugushi a lot more enticing

Yes les works on everything just doesn’t stack with bane… if it did I’d be able to tick 120-170k with throw gu. Currently I tick for 44-70k with bane and each tick does an addition 5.3k due to masinios Ichor on velcoffer

Also wondering if Wugushi not being able to crit is also a bug since all elemental attacks from other class can crit now.