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Picador Sound Effect

Is it just me or the sound effect of picador is very distracting and loud? Is there a way to minimize volume or even remove the sound effect?

I prefer to have little to none as it is very distracting and somewhat annoying over a long period of time. And worst thing about this skill is you can’t toggle it off or on.

Welcome to the annoying sounds team :pensive:

same reason I evade some pets and removed magic shield from my wiz

Dang… That sucks… I mean the bleeding effect is nice and all but its just too annoying…

Another thing, i understand when you reset skills, the attribute doesnt get reset? When u reset class, does the attribute gets reset tho?

I think fully resetting to another class does remove the attributes If I remember correctly, if not you have to get naked and bath with an attribute reset potion :smirk: