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Physical link - What is this skill?!

Hi there!

So, this is it. When I read the description of the skill it sounds interesting the sharing damage and etc.

But it seems so complicated! Depending on which class I share, I recieve more or less damage and I still don’t get how it works properly. Are there any tips or rules to use physical link? Do the atributes affects the skill? Or it just suck?

I just stopped using the skill. I don’t know the know hows of that skill, but so far I just had bad experience using it. I read some threads about it and it seems like the skill isn’t properly working as it should.

This is the skill you take as a linker if you hate other players and want them to know it in dungeons.


Oh Godesses have mercy with “Physical Link”.

Yeah on papper it sounds great:
Link the Party - If 1 gets hit, the damage will be splitt between all linked members and all get just a tiny fraktion of the initial dmg as opposed to 1 gets a ton of dmg.
Like: 5 members Linked. 1 gets hit with a 5k attack -> Link should divide it 5k/5 = everyone gets 1k damage.
Thats how it SEEMS to work on Paper

It is either bugged or intendet bad coding. You share the damage but insteadt of shareing a weakened portion oif the initial damage you share a sh*tload to all linked members. It works like a reversed version of Joint Penalty…
Because the dmg is not “flat” but is influenced buy LVL, gear and CON of every single one.
So your Tank gets hit buy 5k. Because he has massive CON and a high Plate Mastery he recived 5k.
Link will spread this 5k. But everyone will get his own dmg skale:

-the squishy non CON Leather Mastery archer will get like 9,5k Dmg shared (thus killing him/her)
-The squishy non CON Robe Mastery wizard will get 9,5k Dmg shared (killing him/her)
-The other 2 a little Con and Plate Mastery Clerics will get 6.8k Dmg shared (almost getting killed)

Yes, Physical Link is either bugged or real bad codded.

Physical Link Kills People!!! Please, dont ever use it… People will hate you, people will hate every Linker out there.
People will break our valuable c2/c3 Link skills because they are afraid of Physical Link…

Dont take/use that skill, for the love of the Godesses. DO NOT USE IT!
(well it has 1 prupose. Killing stupid BossRusher who used the que system. <<*)

The other 2 Linker c1 skills are great. Hangman and JointPenalty. Even unbind is sometimes usefull.
(I remember that 190dungeon and the Hogmas @ Cerberus. They will use JP on your Group. with Unbind you can cancel it.)

I still have unused Points on my Linker c3. I refuse to even take that skill… Maybe some day, when it will work like the discribtion promises, I will skill it…
Lets hope together

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That’s so bad! ):

How can we have an useless skill? Anyway, hope they fix this in the future.

Thank you, guys!

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Hi guys. Because of the update, does anyone checked if physical link was fixed and now works properly?

Still broke as heck.

Also has the added benefit of making your casters hate you.

I find it amusing this is somehow still bugged. It doesn’t seem like it should be remotely difficult to fix, especially since it was working in beta.

physical link = if you hate someone in your party, use this skill then get hit by mobs so he’ll die according to your evil plan :imp:

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Also make sure you have more hp than your target : P

To kill that 6k hp qs that always lure bosses out of your ground skills :3