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Petition - Bring Back Silver Drops

Hello Saviors,

I have filed a petition on It may not go anywhere given the lack of transparency but at least its a start. If you guys could support the petition perhaps we can get enough eyes to have IMC re-implement silver.

Whether or not this will succeed I won’t know but it will bring comfort to those struggling and perhaps even new players that are gated by this change.



Ahh yes,, the place where true changes begin.



Why not suggest to add other avenues to gain silver like maybe:
repeatable field quests that are actually meaningful (not the auto ones that you can just afk grind with, but you actually talk to an NPC and accept a quest and get rewards from).

440 group dungeons without lockouts but diminishing returns instead; maybe you can farm tickets or stones to queue for said dungeon so you have another reason to farm fields again.

More accessible rewarding group content that can be queued for instead of the stale 2+ yrs CM.

Removing silver from fields was the laziest and dumbest “fix” I have ever seen in any mmo, but bringing it back would just put us back in bot hell the game was in b4.


I watch your videos sometimes and they are very good but I must say that I never had the patience to farm in the field and I always managed to make silver to buy my stuff and really Alex gave the ideal answer which is to create more ways to get silver without being by field to my view since field drops badge content like uphill and gemstone could give silver now.

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its actually going to be an irony,
a sad truth,
to see how much actually care and will sign the petition

tbh i haven’t farmed for silvers in the fields after mage tower quest back in 2016

at the very most i just whack an elite if ever i saw one when i am on the field doing something else

so i kind of don’t understand people who can farm silver for extensive amount of hours


Just killed a silver mob in sajunga. Guess what they drop?

a pinata of merc badges? ‘w’?

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2 merc badges ?

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i don’t aggre, i hate that bot user sell 5b every week lol


Nope. The last time i farm silver was on nazarence tower which is dropping lv350 unique item. And it’s been 3 years.
I guess Imc also have collect data who is farming silver in field to deciede remove silver drop. I believe this is a wise direction to lure people doing CM.


Why does the open world even exist anymore. Just make CM into a generic dungeon and delete all field maps. :sun_with_face:


Collections still exist


Actually a much better approach would be:

  • Make CMs on all maps high level
  • Add different drops that are useful on each map

Then there would still be reason to visit all the maps and people would stop doing CM only on two maps all the time until they die of boredom.


technically you can make cm on more than 2 maps but most prefer these 2 because they are faster and easier (and soon there will be 2 more maps) and before the badges there was not much to do in most fields with the exception of farming silver and only on some maps.

That’s how it is right now, but that definitely could be improved! There just needs to be more variety in the game.

I think that maybe with time, stuff will be cheaper and will not require this large amount of silver to buy items.
The items are as expensive as they are today because of the silver selling bots. Maybe this will cause a deflation in the game.

Just in case you don’t know this, you can actually buy superior repair kits for badges. Don’t waste your silver on repair!


been a week with only 7 signed the petition
i told ya~

i side with those who dont really care about silver removal but good luck still
silver removal been around in ktos for quite long enough and if ktos community cant do anything about it (yet) then we simply got no hope

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