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PD + Appraiser BUG! - Randomly give boss huge damage boost

Date and Time: 25th December 2020, 11:00am (GTM+7)

Server Name: Tel ( I think this happen in all server)

Team Name: Lindor

Character Name: Nemesis

Bug Description:
This bug happens when you have both Plague Doctor and Appraiser in the same party.
As a result, it randomly gives some boss huge damage boost
Eg. Moringponia Legend Raid - Hard / This week Joint Strike Raid Helgasercle

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Have both Plague Doctor and Appraiser in the same party
  2. Combination skill to trigger this bug is still unknown
  3. At some point boss will hit you with insane huge damage

Screenshots / Video :
Full run video:
(Ignore delay and crash at the end, it is already a known issue)

That 932,732 damage!!

@GM_Francis Please help take a look at this. This causes the unfair situation for PD + Appra party.

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Hello @Mogul,

Please send us a support ticket with the details of your concern. Thank you.

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Ticket sended. Thank you

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i sent ticket 2 weeks ago bout the same issue havent get fixed till now :frowning:

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:sob: Seem this week joint boss also got the same bug. another example if GM needed… pls fix soon

Is there any update from the dev? since the bug is still happening :frowning:

I did the JSR this week and was regularly oneshotted. Since I had a pet, I could check the damage easily: over 700k. Nobody in the team used either Appraiser or PD. Sounds like a broader issue… or boss buffs are simply meant to oneshot you in the content.

We also do others run without PD.
Basically, I change to SM/FF and the run went just fine. nothing near 1shot hit happened.

I don’t say there is no bug because idk but Magic Shield can be a huge difference.

how can 700k+ damage is no bug… MS only gives 40+% reduction

Same as all the OS mechanics in raid. Soul Crystals, Paladin, Revive, iFrame… you’re supposed to be able to overcome being killed.

@staff I wanted to bump this thread and hopefully bring some attention to the staff members. This bug is still happening, even after the massive Episode 13 patch. I would have personally recorded footage of this bug, but this thread already contains 2 videos of it happening as well as people have mentioned they already sent in tickets about this matter. It is quite an annoyance that many Plague Doctor mains face right now.

Still happening. We just got oneshotted and wiped out by an elite in CM.

that doesn’t even require anything but just be in higher stages

I mean the whole party were bunch of beefcakes with 250k+ hp with all the defense buffs. A mere elite dealing more than 250k damage to heavily armored dudes in kirti cm can’t be normal.

Are you sure it’s not a bug on one of the elite’s patterns? With 64 bit client it’s now impossible to see the purple puddle they leave, but I’m sure I’ve been almost oneshooted by some effect once and I don’t remember having PD + Appraiser during the run in the team.

Im inclined to believe it’s pd+appraiser related bug. Our party happened to consist of mentioned classes.
I can clearly see and remember the elite just hit us with normal attack, oneshoting us, one person at a time (I was the first in row).