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PD + Appraiser BUG! - Randomly give boss huge damage boost

Elites no longer place puddles, they now directly apply debuffs.

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Wow this really sucks. At least with the puddles you could avoid those nasty debuffs…

Ho, i dont think its related to appraiser. I Also dont think thats the boss damage, but rather your DMG. I was just torched by tel harsha and noticed that somehow i ended up getting hit With my own Black death steam.( I had the debuff)

This also happens in Res Sacre DG (with normal and elite mob).
It so annoying because we can’t avoid the match between PD and Appra like premade pt.
I’ve recorded the evidence and send the ticket

So I just tested the bug multiple times on the guild tower boss, which, before the latest maint, i was able to get the bug to trigger. Now I am unable to trigger it, which leads me to assume its fixed. If anyone else can test it to see if it triggers, that would be awesome. If noone can get it to work, they might have fixed it without listing it on the patch notes, which they do these things often. Unless anyone from the @staff or a @GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian can confirm it was fixed?

Nevermind, the bug is still active.

@STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Brand @Staff_Alex @STAFF_William @Staff_Jin @STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian

Just bumping this as it’s still happening, got into a Res Sacrae with a PD (I’m an appraiser) and we split up but the last couple glizardons were hitting for like 200k+. They also leash really close to their spawn so kiting them is fairly frustrating.

Finally, after 4 months of waiting. The bug is fixed.
This topic can rest in peace now