Tree of Savior

PC help please 15charmanders


i was playing tos just fine then i get a blue screen and restarted my pc
then it says a bootable device has not been detected but i was able to make it start up again
then i tried to play tos again but it startred downloading large amount of files like 11087_001001.pak
i tried to verify files but it still loading in the tos patcher

my only question is, is my pc/hard drive failing?


if you got blue screen that should be a heavy enough sign that your PC is on deep trouble…

as for the error, there are some threads about it on the forum…

am kind of in a hurry, so I cant search right now for you


u don’t have more HD’s for test??


im able to use my computer and files are still usable so i guess my hard drive is ok as of now
and i backed up all files ill need in the future
i just dont know what should i do to prevent that from happening again


i would like to guess that you’re running ToS from a low-end PC? 'cause if so, lowering resolution, turning off graphics effects, and reducing the number of windows/processes that is concurrently running with ToS might help you prevent from getting into that situation again.


true, i did all of this before but my reso is 1024x768 and my video card is nvidia quadro 2000 with 4 ram. idk if this has anything to do with that. should i lower my reso? btw tos setting says i can make it 1680x1050 but i dont want my pc to explode


if you want to lower your resolution more, you can directly go to user.xml at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\release\user.xml

although i would like to advise that you need to ratio your preferred resolution to 16:9 or 4:3, otherwise you will encounter visual bugs in-game like map area names are not coordinated well.


holy cow, i do experience this.
i cant see the vampire costume effects and the aura floor in topes fortress and many more


please keep in mind that the game low settings disable some effects to prevent the game from freezing, as someone that had the shittiest laptop specs of 2016 I feel your pain…

I would recommend some add-ons that help with the fps and such, but am not sure if they still work or are worth installing…


can you give us some good examples please? would be nice


Personally, i’m using warmode, which disables most of the effects around you (which has it’s disadvantages ofc), that is edited so that you can use it on a laptop with no numpad. I’ll probably upload it later since i’m not on my personal computer right now


FPSSavior is a good example that disable even the players sprites at max setting…


Download the addon then put it on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\data\

to disable visual effects click Ctrl then -
to re-enable, click Ctrl then +


update: turned on my pc and left for about 10 mins the nboom blue screen again. but this time i was able to turn off auto restart so i was able to write the bsod error
the f4 error, the 03 error, 0xFFFFFA800646D730, 0xFFFFFA800646DA10 and 0xFFFFF8000397D130
also i cant see anything about the last 3 errors via google

after restart it says bootable drive has not been detected so i try to tighten the ports and it started up

is it possible that my dvd drive cuasing all this? cuase sometime my mouse got this cd spining beside it w/o me doing anything with dvd drive



It might be because your pc can’t handle ToS’ processes (for a lack of better term).
Some questions:

  1. What is your PC Specifications? (Control Panel (View by: Small icons) -> System)
  2. What resolution are you ToS as of now?
  3. Are you using programs concurrently with ToS? If you have, what are them?


1.) win7, intel core quad Q8400 @2.66ghz, 4gb ram, nvidia quadro 2000 graphic card

2.) 1280x720

3.) at the time of the last bsod i wasnt running anything, but usually i only run chrome with tos