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Paladin Build Compendium and FAQ [Updated 29/04/2016]

Going SPR for aspersion is kinda wasted unless u r taking chaplain.

Aspersion is single used skill and it will go into CD.
The attack only proc once.

If you were to go for chaplain, u will get Aspergilium which proc for each hits of your auto attk.
And tht is where SPR stats come in.

Using catacombs club with venom as my primary weapons,

If u have 4 different type of elements attack property equip, your conviction dmg is +480 x4?

Not really know about it and if yes i will start invest on those, :grin:
PvP is still viable if barrier can block/locked down enemy get into/go out from the circle… that pretty OP

Under the effect of Conviction, having 4 different types of elements attack property works the same as how Arde Dagger is.
*Arde Dagger add 153 dmg to every hit frm skill,and Auto attack

Which, when you hit the monster with Conviction debuff, each hit add (100 Ice Property dmg) + (100 Poison Property dmg) + (100 Lightning Property dmg) + (100+153 Fire Property dmg with Arde Dagger) = minimum 553 extra dmg/hit

Under the effect of Divine Might, the dmg would be 4 elements—>
480+ 153 frm Arde Dagger = 633 minimum dmg/hit added into whtever attack u use.

If you have a cryo+psycho friend with the same 4 element set equipped, the icewall+psychic pressure combo will deal crazy dmg

Hey guys,
I plan on making a hybrid paladin since I feel that’s what the class is made for. My current build is cleric 2 krivis 1 pala 1 and I plan on finishing the 3rd circle of paladin before taking a rank in pardoner.
My question is about stats: what would be the advantage of going str:spr over dex:spr ? i don’t want to go str:dex nor full spr and i’m obviously taking points in CON whenever i feel the need.
Thanks for your feedback.

This thread is f**king paradise! <3
I love you all for being Paladins. I love you more if you are a didcated Paladin thou.


And I go like:

Anyways, I’m doing a hybrid KrivisC2>PaladinC3>KrivisC3 build. It’s fun and I encourage you guys to try it out if you haven’t. Leveling Krivis before Paladin is a pain in the arse thou.

I’m distributing my stats as follows:
70ish STR/50ish CON/70ish INT/60ish SPR. No DEX. But it is working pretty well. Im able to either, support or tank in many situations and it’s a hella fun to play after going past Rank 3 to 4.

Cause leveling Cleric>Krivis>Krivis is kinda annoying with only Heal, Cure and Zaibas to DPS. And since you start investing in Int/Spr your only source of heavy DPS would be Zaibas.

At rank 3 things tend to melt down under 2x Zaibas 10 so it’s alright. Zalciai gives me an OK crit chance. My party members usually will benefit a lot more with my presence.

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EDIT: My suppositions below are wrong! Be warned hahaha :joy:

[quote=“ediiison88, post:317, topic:155803”]each hit add (100 Ice Property dmg) + (100 Poison Property dmg) + (100 Lightning Property dmg) + (100+153 Fire Property dmg with Arde Dagger) = minimum 553 extra dmg/hit
That makes me wonder… does each of these property damage get a separate value from your character’s magic amplification to add to the final damage? I mean, this should be really strong, since it’s calculated before the target’s defense:

Scary :open_mouth:
Thanks for the answers and feel free to correct me if I got something wrong!

Magic amp is a random value between 0 and the value of magic amp.

If you have cloth gloves that give +30 magic amp. Your damage will be +0 ~ +30 extra damage. Average 15 of 15 magic attack. That’s all that’s going on there. It’s just an extra bit of randomness added to magic attacks.

It has nothing to do with how elemental attack is calculated.

Elemental attack is added on to the end of every hit, just like blessing. It works with skills and auto attack additional hits.

You’re right, I got confused on the first time reading these extra elemental attack calculations and when I checked it again it does not involve magic amplification. i’m going to edit my post, thanks!

so will we got xtra damage from conviction debuff if we got no elemen prop attack ? Or we must have it ? spent 600k for hair acc with elemen prop attack recently (poison, fire , and lghting)

Headgear with elemental attack work just fine. I tested already in ktos.

However, you don’t get any stats from headgear and your weapon in battle league unless it has a 2nd row buff or an effect like ignition’s 5% burn chance.


What do you think about my current Prist/Paladin build… (PVE – 140 Con - Rest SPR)

This guide has helped me a lot as someone interested in Paladin, thanks for posting this!

I have a few PvP related questions:

1: What rank is the conviction debuff, or rather, can it be resisted?
2: After landing conviction, does smite also hit players three times?

Got interested about the battle league. So only headgears with two rows or more work in it?

no it can’t be resisted.


you do not get elemental bonuses from stats in battle league. Stats from headgear and even boots and necklaces do not work in battle league. That means the bonus will only apply on a 1:1 with elemental skills like zaibas and incineration.

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Thanks! I looked all over the place trying to figure this out, guess it’s not much of a hot topic since Paladins are seen as less than ideal in pvp. I appreciate it :smiley:

Alright, so after some consideration I think I’ll be changing my build a bit at Rank 7.

Someone said something about Krivis C3 at Rank 7 being a bad idea, and at first I was skeptical, but doing some further research since said person didn’t elaborate on his comment (That’s what pisses me off the most, I can take critiques, but at least give me one reason so I can think about solutions, am I right?). I am currently trying to think on which would be better for my Hybrid Paladin, PD or Kabbalist… I like Kabbalist more, because I’ll already have good physical skills with Paladin C3. But having only Zaibas and Barrier as magical damage is not enough for PVE imo as I feel I’ll still have a rotation gap.

My current stat strategy is:

Rank 1-3 - 3:1 INT/SPR
Rank 4 until 50 CON - 3:1 - STR/CON
After 50 CON - 2:2 - STR/INT (Until 73/74 invested)
Then 2:2 - CON/SPR (Until target invested number is reached)

This should put me at:

STR 152 (73 invested)
CON 83 (63 invested)
INT 152 (74 invested)
SPR 80 (59 invested)
DEX 3 (0)

HP 13914
SP 3654
HP Recovery 285
SP Recovery 309
Physical Attack 422 - 422
Magic Attack 422 - 422
Accuracy 273
Block Penetration 215
PDEF 135
MDEF 151
Evasion 273
Critical Resistance 83

So what are you guy’s thoughts about it?


I don’t think PD skills will have good synergy with my build but I could be wrong since I’d be taking it mainly for the resists and healing factor. I want to be an Offensive Support/DPS so I am actually considering going Kabbalist to have Revenged Sevenfold / HP Buff / Merkabah.

Thanks in advance.

Today i found this build:

And i also wanted to know from you, Paladin fans, if it is viable to do or not.

You are splitting INT and STR making you weaker in both. Personally thats a “no”. Also I’m guessing STR is for [smite] and [conviction] right? Some people swear by it, but again personally STR on a cleric is a “no”. I’ll keep saying this so you understand that this is me and not the absolute truth about clerics. Personally (<- this word again) STR on a cleric is trying to be a swordsman that traded tanking for healing, and we all know how swordsmen have it bad. Even IMC knows because swordsmen are getting 30% more atk from STR in ktos. IMC at least acknowledges STR melee is in a bad spot.

Now back to the build. You have cleric by default and krivis 2 therefore you have [heal], [cure], and [zaibas] for damage on the INT side. You have paladin 3 therefore you have [smite] and [conviction] for damage on the STR side. All the INT skills mentioned scale INT by 200% by default while all STR skills mentioned scale STR by 100% by default. The combo has [smite] scaling STR by 300%. I would personally (<- that word again) rely more on [conviction] + [zaibas] or [conviction] + elemental attribute (arde or ledas or that unkown rod that adds 100 fire 100 ice 100 lightning elemental atk). If (notice I use the word “if” signifying how I’m not sure) [conviction]'s -100 fire,ice,lightning,poison (sadly, no holy or dark) translates to 100 more damage per element listed, that’s 100 total (not hard STR) you don’t “need” just for having an elemental off hand.

This is a different story all together if (that word again) you plan to go Van Helsing and focus on devil and mutant types. But again, be advised that STR melee isn’t really in a good place.

Now you may conclude that I seem to be biased against STR clerics and melee in general. I totally am. Take this with a grain of salt.

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Are you the OP of the Battle Paladin? That build was really awesome read. It actually made me think of stopping my Cleric 2 > Diev 1 > Pal 3 build. This make more sense as an INT / STR hybrid.

I’m just weighing out the effect of letting go of Cleric C2 over Krivis C2. But this build seems awesome sauce.

I think PD is great for support, even if you don’t buid with INT. Incinerate Damage is awesome off the bat. The only thing that’s a bit iffy is the fact that we don’t know yet what later circles of it would offer. And if Rank 8 will work well with it as a gap filler. (At the moment that the best it is, a gap filler for what happens to R8 onwards.)

Dude… I’m not asking on advice on the entire build.
I don’t care about anything you said.

I’m asking if I should pick PD or Kabbalist as a Rank 7 job. I want to know which one would have the best Synergy within my build, that is the sole reason why I shared so much detail about it. Please refrain from wall of texting when people didn’t really asked for you to.

I am not the OP but I am following a similar build. I really liked it too. :slight_smile: It’s fun to play and recently someone said to me in a dungeon and I took it as a compliment: “You are the first happy paladin I’ve seen in this game so far”. We were doing a level 130 dungeon run. Hahaha

If you don’t care about people saying you will fail and yadda yadda, go for it!

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