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Outlaw Costume Quest - IMPOSSIBLE/REWORK PLS

Even if a quest has its difficulty performing it, it should be possible.

A class quest should be possible to accomplish only by having this class …

But the way it is, it is only possible if you use buffs, potions or specific items to increase the speed of movement.

Interaction with 2 types (stones / sand), 2 different modes to use, few monsters respawn in scattered form.
All of these motives together make it impossible to reach rank 3.

To finalize, rethink this quest, because as it is is simply annoying and frustrating.

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IMO the quest concept is fine.

What is annoying is that density is too low, and you have to constantly get resources, so ping plays a huge factor here (getting these resources, using them and killing the monster).

Maybe a better density, more resources being carried each time and the stage 3 being lowered to 40 would make it more reasonable.

Or increase the ammount of points each monster gives too. I couldn’t get more than 33 points, and with the help of a plague doctor + lucky, getting 2 monsters at the right position a couple of times.



did 30 tries, had maximum 38 points
just need 30 sec more or more monsters

I haven’t seen the quest, but if it’s as bad as the Shadowmancer one (which I’ve cleared to get the pink costume) you probably need a PD to buff you so you get a head start. Max Mondafil should be successful.

I’ve made 44 points with PD haste. Without PD I’ve made 43. It’s possible, but VEEEEERY hard.

I’ll try again on friday

Meanwhile I’m still at 0 points.

This may help:

PD could also be useful but i did it without it. Always sprinting and quickly killing the mobs is important -> attack line buffs

Is there a way for the enemy spawn rate to be increased? I feel like the main problem is just the enemy numbers are too few. I never had problems with BM costume quest but this class’ (outlaw) top tier reward requirement is somewhat imbalanced.