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Recruiting for the colony update - pm any Renaissance member in game or join our discord, they’ll lead you to us :smiley:


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Hello, just wondering if you were still recruiting or had time to help out a newer player? I’m just returning after launch and I’m so lost it isn’t even funny. My highest level right now is 50, and I’ve been waiting an hour for the 50 dungeon queue… (should probably skip it)

Anyway, this group looked interesting so I figured I would try. Feel free to message me in game.


We are recruiting, what’s your IGN? I can PM you when i get on :>


I am looking for a guild… can you add me? My hours are random… my IGN is KarnTraelli


We gotcha hun :smiley: <3 Welcome to Renaissance !


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hi hello we’re not dead i need to update the first post


I am a returning player that is taking advantage of the new player events. Leveled a dozen characters to 320 the past couple weeks to check out some of the changes since launch. I am interested in being a part of your guild. Mainly interested in ET, at least until a viable version of GvG is implemented. Would be willing to main whatever class is needed for ET spot. Not wealthy at this point but can probably do trans 5 to start with. Pretty active but do have a baby on the way. Will try to catch you in game later today to chat a bit.


We got you hun :>



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