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Orsha Magi two-handed sword

  1. Server : Orsha

  2. Full Name of Item : Magi Two-handed Sword recipe

  3. Current Price Range (Minimum / Maximum) : max 3.2mil

  4. Reason for Suggesting Change : it’s not close to the ongoing rate 4-6mil. It’s a recipe that rarely drops in the 190 dungeon.

  5. Screenshot of Item on Market (Evidence) : I don’t have a screen shot because no one is selling it on market.

it shows that…orsha’s population is getting shorter?

less ppl => less item hunt => few geared players

that price is pretty big for just a recipe. in our server it only cost 1.2mil - 2mil

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It Telsiai the sword itself worth 800k (the cheapest)

WUT DA HELL!!?? it cost around 1mill when i tried to look for nulis recipe!!

damn…wat a good time to be in late game. hahahaha