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Orbital Arrow experiment #3: arrow sprinkle DPS difference with and without it

-Boss is not plant and mutant
-Test 1: Use reinforce bowstring ichor for the same STR+218 stats

-Test 2: Use orbital arrow ichor


Literally triples the damage on an already powerful skill.
And it doesn’t even include -20 cd, which then doubles the dps once again.
6 times damage with vvr compare to w/o.
Not to mention it’s a huge aoe too

At the meantime we have mediocre vvr that gives like 20~30% damage (like SR VVR, why didn’t it double the AA dm, but instead only add 200% on top of 1100% limacon?)

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Correction: it doesnt triple-then-double the DPS, the image above were already summary of them (meaning i SPAMmed arrow sprinkle all i can within 1 minute duration of WBR). 6 times dmg with vvr is not a correct conclusion.

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As i said before, i use reinforce bowstring to recreate the same F1 stats:
+218 STR
+3 AAR(doesnt matter for single target)

And i intentionaly pick non mutant, non plant enemy because orbital arrow has benefit over these two type.
All of them for the sake of objective/neutrality experiment.
If i dont use similar fixed ichor, some people will mention because of +218 STR disrepancy between orbital and no-ichor-at all.

what is even your point? OP just trying to show how much the bow affects the skill.

Why the hate? isn’t that what the topic is about?

Showing how good Orbital is?

It’s the same with other skills, like how good or trash Barbed arrow is with and without reinforced bowstring. spoiler: it’s trash.

Arrow sprinkle is still good damage-wise without orbital, the cd is too long though.

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I didn’t have time to respec my mergen yet (I have too many alts lol). So what’s the skill point distribution now? I wish we could have 60 points for mergen… :wink:

can go with 0 triple arrow. I use the first build then all skill point potions on spread shot.

I kinda wanna ditch homing arrow though, it’s very strong but annoys me every time I use it

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IMO, triple arrow lv 1 only good to trigger divine/thunder/storm ARK, ergo if the player doesnt have those ARK, better leave triple arrow at lv 0.

Both homing arrow and downfall have weakness in gameplay. Homing with unfinished charging and downfall-ART with unfinished channeling which resulting not-optimal DPS. Does downfall-noART still fire arrows if you far from target now?

I’d still put level 1 triple arrow if you like doing some content like CM and Bernice, damage is actually nice for a 1 point skill as long as you hit several monsters with it. I’d skip it though if you whale things and do nothing aoe grind related, you won’t even need it for dscm.

I don’t see any weakness in downfall, the skill is good with no art and doesn’t disappear even if the target is very far away. I can say that I finished tel harsha and Moring solo stage 5 easily with many thanks to downfall being a great contribution to easy dps.

So many skills to use I’m having problem putting everything I want on the controller skills slots … is downfall really good? O.O I feel like its damage is bad … or need to be maxed? also that channeling homing arrow is annoying as hell when doing a rotation … wish it could be auto cast … also, isn’t spread shot your 2nd best DPS aside from Arrow sprinkle? why the low points? just curious …


I’m using controller as well.
This is one of my first blind runs (I know mech, but don’t know when he will use it)

If you notice I was careful about not dpsing too much/using appraiser skills to prevent over dps or mechanic instagib. I do telha max difficulty in 4-5 mins now though.

as you can see downfall does a lot and from a far active and cast range.
(800k-1m per hit)

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I’ll try that … have some skill reset in market that’s cheap XDD

I’m having issues with controller lately … I get stuck in random places … I tot it was the boss/monsters/elites skill but seems to be from the controller >.<;;; guess need to buy a new one …

You made it seem looks easy, what’s your attack/dps range? O.O

Currently tried Tel Boss with stage 3 … can kill but still familiarizing with the mechanics … at the end got frustrated and did Stage 1 and … it dropped me a seal hahaha

My attack stat is shown above, but yeah

Arrow Sprinkle (with orbital arrow) + Down Fall are mergen’s best dps skills right now.

Arrow Sprinkle w/out orbital arrow is supposed to be decent but the cooldown is stupid

I forgot to record my WBR but I think it’s:
1 - Sprinkle
2 - Downfall
3 - Ark

Didn’t notice but I saw … 36-41k O.o so high …

I skipped Homing and downfall … do you use art for arrow sprinkle for boss? I see your downfall isn’t using arts ( since you need to channel it with art )

I didn’t use arts on both, imo arts on downfall is worth only if you use dahlia. Maybe you need fletcher for divine machine channeling bonus too if you’re going that route

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I still need to understand how to do the boss with a mundane (32k atk) build… For me, the blue pools never disappear, the boss always run for them, oneshots me after 20 seconds and go into berserk mode as soon as I resurrect. And after 5 mins he’s only at 95% health. All of this… at stage 1. However I use mouse not controller and since 1-2 weeks it has been a nightmare targeting things, I’m pretty sure half of my skills just go on CD without doing anything, when I don’t simply get a “target out of sight” message while the boss is inches away, so I have to use AoE as much as possible.

Ark as divine punishment, or still using thunder/storm? Seeing that I got one archstone fragment in three months doing all available content I have lost faith in this stupid garbage. All I see is the same whales getting archstones from the lottery and nothing else, none are ever on sale or when they are it’s at an outrageous price. Thinking that you need TWO for an ark and then FOUR more if you want to craft useful accessories for the endgame…
I also didn’t skill downfall (it was before but switched to other skills), I guess i’ll put the points from triple arrow, which I don’t find that good unless you’re doing CM stage 5+ and are surrounded by a ton of mobs.

Stage 1 Tel Harsha is actually easy … just stick to him like glue and use invul when he’s casting his AoE ! hit kill using leap then stick to him like glue again … things to avoid is when he’s throwing those Fireballs and when he’s actually on fire ) I think when his health reaches 15%? not sure …

The pools are buggy sometimes, even when you walk to them they don’t proc … like its a background thing haha

With Mergen SFR, DR definitely. Storm can be useful on some situations though.

Also as mentioned earlier, Arrow Sprinkle and Downfall are the best bossing skills you have, I recommend taking them unless you have a specific reason of not getting them.

Take for example doing WWR hard, before a major mechanic, (Pizza/Ice Curse), you can just downfall while doing mechanic, this way you do dps while doing mechanic at the same time, and it’s a good dps at that

(Regarding Tel harsha pools, they have a cooldown and you can’t step on them during leap i-frame)
After stepping on 4 pools, there’s a pool cooldown timer 30sec+increasing variable per set of pool

arrow sprinkle stronger without art, right?