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Orbital arrow experiment #1: Maxing arrow sprinkle DPS

For bossing, arrow sprinkle without barrage ART seems stronger than with ART
both are 1 cast experiment, max concentration and aiming

aiming+no sprinkle:barrage ART
+more DPS
+can trigger thunder ark more
-if the target/boss cast trap/obstacle, some of the damage will be absorbed by them
-must target carefully at the center of boss

sprinkle:barrage ART
+no need to target at center of boss (easier targeting)
+no worries there are obstacle/trap around the boss, the damage will hit equally
-less DPS
-less triggering thunder ark

Have you tested with Aiming?

(edit: Not that I think you’d want to roll falc for WBR before the other new arts)

I’d say more or less the same?

It’s more of w/art it has less hits but more damage while without it/ more hits and less.

Variation on damage will depend on crit

Test done on one skill cast, w/o any buff. no aiming - max arts

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ooooh, hello there darknights!

yes, both test with aiming and max concentration
changed again to ranger falc mergen just now, less STR
fletcher without reinforce bowstring feels gimped

max concentration and aiming, no steady aim, no smugis.

conclusion: aiming increase nonART arrow sprinkle DPS


at day 1 i dont remember you wrote anything about it. Its just ktos player said: arrow sprinkle art make it worse, dont take it at all

Arrow sprinkler
Normal = 50~55 hit last I tested with flag years ago
Arts = 24 hit +30% damage
Orbital = add 18 hit (big size)

Without aiming, it’s easier to use with arts vs boss since normal sprinkler size is too small.
Even with aiming, I’d prefer arts in case boss moving around. 3s to complete all hit can mean anything.

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