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Optimization suggestion for better FPS


I would like to put in a suggestion on how to significantly have better fps for players.

In an age where people have gaming rigs that sometimes could cost them thousands of dollars to build, it can be frustrating to experience lags and fps drops in a game like Tree of Savior.

I understand that in an mmorpg like ToS, cosmetics is an important aspect for many players. As such, the same can be said for the complete opposite.

Can we please have an option to be able to toggle disable other characters stleast on our screen please?

Most of the time, people just want to get around the city of Klaipedia to rebuff, repair, check market and not want the stutter of movement caused by the models of other characters which results in fps drops/stuttering/lags.

Based on my experience from a previous mmorpg, this significantly reduces the load to render pixels, which would mean better fps stability for players who may rather choose to have better in game optimization than seeing everyone else’s costumes/wings/whatever.

Please do consider this suggestion. Thank you


there are 2 add-ons that do this, but am not sure if they still work


I’m more curious about reducing memory eating, cuz sometimes game starts to eat 3.5 Gb+ and closes after teleport.


I’m using sfxtoggle and the boss mode still works, not the rest. Fpssavior still works too to some degree, but I liked sfx better


How do they work please enlighten us?


It’s the warmode addon and it’s available in the addon manager iirc.

There are numpad shortcuts that you can toggle characters, effects and even parts of the terrain.
As for the number of players displayed on screen, you can tweak the “ActorPersent” value in the user.xml file. That should be an ingame config already, but well.


Oh. Thank you will use it!