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[OFFICIAL] Tree of Savior Addon Manager Thread

DISCLAIMER: This post is about the Addon Manager and the Addon Manager community. I will not be answering any questions regarding specific addons or in-game addon issues. See the individual developers’ github for that.

Hello. My name is Tchu AKA Falcis @ Klaipeda, and I’m the graphical designer behind the Tree of Savior Addon Manager. I’m making this post at the behest of the (legal) modders community in order to advertise the Addon Manager to the folk and get you all hooked with the latest and shiniest gear, as we’ve seen plenty of people using outdated versions of our product.

Here you can talk to our developers and ask any questions regarding specific addons, as well as learn more of the inner workings of our community and even make friends! Join us, there are only regrets in choices not taken.

Latest Version:
This is the latest version of the addon manager by the amazing MizukiBelhi. Please don’t use any other versions if you’d like our support, as that is the one most likely to have all the bugfixes. We do not work with addons outside the manager and we do not work with illegal addons. Thanks for your understanding.

For addon developers:
Just click and read. You’re a developer, you probably know what you’re doing.

Any further inquiries, join our discord or post in this thread. I’ll be answering whenever I find free time to do so. Thanks in advance!


I had the mizuki addon manager but i don’t know how to filter the addons like the old addon manager by date for example

Hey, Sogran. As it turns out, sorting by dates has been rendered useless because of how the developers have been using github to update the addons. Instead of new releases, the devs update the current one, causing the release date to be largely inaccurate.

We recommend searching addons by function instead, using the search bar or by anything else that might help you find the specific addon you need.

Addons that are no longer functional should be removed or given a “warning” status on the manager automatically so their release date shouldn’t be a big issue(And if it is, please come to us for further troubleshooting.)

I mean, i can add it if enough people really want it (the filter options are lacking anyway)


thx for answering, it sound good I hope some people approves because in the old manager always been looking for newest addons to test it or look newest version of the current addon what I’m using if I don’t have it already installed

thx in advance


Also do note that newer /= better

There is always a misconception to always get the latest/most updated addon if it becomes available.
Sometimes the devs wrote the addons for their native server which are patches ahead of us (Like ktos)
Sometimes the devs writes an update to address a fix on his native server (but works fine on ours)

Meanwhile for jtos, who is traditionally behind us a bit, we usually have to wait for them to get their game updated before we receive addon updates. Of course some people do fix/repair addons, but there is this unwritten code that you shouldn’t really touch someone’s else work without permission unless the dev is really gone from the game for good.

As long as IMC decides not to mess with some functions , addons can last for a pretty long time !

Do come and join the discord, we will try our best to help!


The manager neatly packs addons with the same name together and tells you if you can update them.

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This has been said in the addon devs server before but we’re aware of this and we are sort of in the know of which addons will work and which won’t. I’m going to try to compile a list of addons in need of bug fixes or completely broken and release it here when the time comes. Thank you for your patience.

The following addons will suffer from malfunctioning in the latest patch:
chatextends, pointing, shophelper (toukibi), muteki2, fixinventorysort

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Was actually planning to ask which is affected, thanks for this. Will monitor the thread for future updates.

Someone yesterday kept spamming Wastrel Legend Card in chat and everyone who clicked on that card had instant VGA. I’m not even sure if it’s a bug, a problem with addon on his side or a problem with addon on our side (though I don’t have many addons).

Hello. This is not an Addon problem as far as I know. Everyone’s been having that issue but I’ve received no reports of it being caused by an addon.

As of right now, only the following addons are completely broken due to the newest patch:


I’ve received a single report of CwFarmed producing unintended effects when using transcendence scrolls.

Everything else should function properly with the latest manager and acutil installed.

Any more questions, you can find us in the addon manager discord or the reddit discord for tree of savior.

EDIT: Fixinventorysort has been fixed. Chatextends has a temporary fix in our discord channel!
Thank you for your patience.

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a quick question guys :slight_smile:


what do you call this addon? it shows location of monster, camps etc on mini maps… Thanks

It seems like objectdetector to me by weizology, i guess. Its working fine with latest patch
You cannot find it in addon manager, you have to download on your own


Give link please?


What add-on is that lets you see what master quest you have? for prac/statues/stats … I have it before the maintenance but now its gone? … i was going to check the statues for stamp …

I want to re install the addon but forgot the name, maybe it got corrupted or something …

reminds me of that compression dungeon map … lets you see where the mobs are XD



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thanks, will install and see if its fixed XD


Thanks! its back!

Hey, let’s not share prohibited addons in this thread. Thanks!