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Of course macro

  • Server : Fedimian

  • Team Name :

  • Location : Kalejima (Solitary cells)

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : every day

  • Evidence



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@GM_Francis Hi my dear GM… What does the G mean on your name?_?

on topic, this will sound weird cause I know some of the staff plays the game with alt accounts…

But what IF, we station 1 GM swapping on the obvious bot spots on all servers…

its what 4 people once a day randomly jumping through like 10 maps…

and dont give me the BS of too many resources cause this will sound awkward… but I have been bh the GM chair (like actually bh a GM and sometimes under or on to…) the point is, that this should be an easy thing to do and it will give more filler content to smash into the weekly/monthly reports :smiley:

the thing is, when 1000 people report the same bot for a month and on the 1st of next month the bot is there… it makes the small amount of GMs look bad and they are cool…

GMs > Automated bans < Bots

Well what can i say, dear Gms, u need to teach that *** a lesson cos they will abuse, cheat until u actualy do smth, there is no other solution.