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[noob] hardware requirement

is this game actually REALLY heavy? reading at the FAQ, the hardware requirement is :
CPU : Intel Core i3 or higher
RAM : 8 GB or higher
Graphics : NVIDIA Geforce GTS450 or higher
OS : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
DirectX : 9.0C

This seems like usual low-end requirement, but for some reason, my PC can’t even get stable 30 fps!
CPU : AMD FX-6300 6 core @ 3.50 GHz
RAM : 8 GB (checked on task manager, only used 5.1 GB total, including google chrome)
Graphics : AMD RX-470
OS : Windows 10
DirectX : dx11 (not sure if the game detects it automatically tho, but I did use the steam launch thing)
Resolution : 1400x900

I tried both deselecting every option and set it on low with 1024x768 and its still the same as selecting everything with 1400x900. no vsync helps a bit, it reached ~40 fps sometimes, but dips to 25 region a lot often than with vsync.
any idea how to actually make the game a bit more playable?

inb4 buy new PC

Try following this guide : [GUIDE] FPS Optimization for Dummies [V1.02]
The game is very CPU demanding, and yours is old af. Download FPS savior 2.0 from any addon manager, and select hide all players and summons, it helps me with some contents like challange mode, but you must disable for raids tho.

I already did, actually.
I didnt know its CPU demanding, since my CPU seems to be around 40% while my GPU got milked till it dries.
after changing the CPU affinity, it gave me a whole 2 fps increase, and the CPU usage is still around 30%.
I already set maximum monster and player render, and most of the time, I played on empty lot anyway.
I’ll try that FPS Savior addon and see if it helps

weird finding, but checking “Disabled” on Performance setting somehow makes the game a lot more stable

the game somehow fixed itself.
I tried using FPS Savior yesterday and it didn’t do much
but now, I’m running stable 60 fps on high setting.