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No more PVP content please Tree of Savior are not Ready for this!


Please stop bringing player vs player content, the game you have produced is not suitable for this mode.
For you to implement player-versus-player content, a redesign on the equipment, and servers must be done.
Currently, we have a series of in-game equipment with this anvil upgrade system, which has generated a lot of imbalance among the players due to some hacks in the enhancement system. We have struggled with unstable servers for years, which can not withstand players in Challenge mode, Gemstone Feud, and other massive content, without lag, crash, and disconect.
Some classes need rework, they are semi-impossible to kill, as is the case of Plague Doctor (Beak Mask, and Heal Spam), Murmilo + Retiarus (Equip the helm and never die, and that damn fishing net that reaches to the end of the world) among others that the topics report.
Due to the inbalance of classes, problem of hack anvil enhancement, playerbase number, and poor game stability, some ancient guilds monopolize these massive pvp systems, such as Boruta, making pvp of the game a real hell . The solution would be to invest in challenges of strategy and agility, leaving aside the mass pvp content ! Tree of Savior, is not ready for the PVP mode, not now.


Somehow, I can’t resist to say this.

Either now, or never.

I prefer latter. :joy:


After reading the GTW announcement for tomorrow I particularly gave up on the game. My PC is reasonably good and I have no need to be stuck in a game that now only focuses on PvP content. Since everything you said above exists and you should not have any plans for future solutions.


I could just quit too, but I’m stubborn and boring, I’d rather create 200,000 threads trying to entice these developers to do the right thing than give up. I really like the Tree of Savior, and I do not want to stop playing it simply because of some problems that have a solution, and that just a little bit of willpower to solve. Tree of savior has solution,

1 - New set of gear lvl 390 Legend with new system of enhancement solid and without RNG, with a mechanic that only the IMC can handle, free of hack.

2- Balancing classes mainly those with immunity and heal. Significantly increase cooldown for use of healing abilities, dispeller, and immunities. I see this as a priority because what I see most in pvp are players with classes like Plague Doctor, Murmilo + Retiarus, and classes that have absolute immunity and healing, defeating any other class, by healing spam, or long immunity time and with short cooldowns being able to reuse infinitely these skills.

3- Quality servers capable of supporting the playerbase. Do a study of the playerbase, and when they reach a value, put the triple capacity that the server can handle. Invest in your server I.M.C!

4 - More content PVE, focused on the collective game uniting the community, giving satisfactory rewards.

5 - Make guild wars with mechanics of collective work, not a pvp moron where everyone fights nonsense, and wins who has a guild full of player old times wins. A guild war with mechanics where each class has an important role, and there is need of team work to win. Look for referrals in famous games like Tera, Guild Wars, and other successful titles to get inspired by the content you create.

Anyway, there is so much that makes the Tree of Savior live for longer years, but it seems that the I.M.C team has neither reference nor creativity to run a mmorpg. It is necessary that they hire people who have already lived the successful mmorpgs and to do better now in the future. You can do a lot of things, it’s just to study and to be creative.


I can no longer believe that the developers will one day solve the problems that have persisted for years in TOS.


lol you dont have to play pvp, theres nothing forced on you to participate.
let everyone else have our minigame.


Doesn’t Gear progression kinda meant to force you to do it?

Oh you don’t have to do it if you don’t like PvP, but if you want better gear, here, buy my overpriced monopoly recipe so I have more money to gear above you so I can monopoly further lol

What logic is that?


You are right!!!


gtw gives nothing perm. on average, a guild can spend more money to play than receive.
i guess u mean borutas, but every pve content is easy enough to clear without the gear, it changes nothing lol.

if u want to be specific, borutas can take 3 days to kill.
if you want to divide how many hrs top guild uses to kill it, its like this:
(# of members) x (# hours spent) = 30 x 16 = 480 man hours
rewards are justified.


Oh yea, no doubt that the rewards do justify the hours a guild needs to put in. But what about ppl that doesn’t like PvP? is there a way for them to obtain those rewards if they put in same effort?

The logic that if you can beat a content with lesser gear you don’t need better gear is beyond my imagination. People who like to put efforts on PvE contents do gear up and try to beat content faster.

Excuse me if I’m wrong on my analysis, but from what I can see is that the capability of the code and the original business target that the game was trying on was focused on PvE players.

Oh yea, there should be PvP contents so the PvP lovers can dive in and have fun. But I feel that it’s no longer fun for PvE focused players if contents after contents pour in are addressing PvP with huge profit and no alternative for PvE contents.


The problem is not pvp, but the imbalance between classes, equipment, and server problems as I mentioned here in this topic. I would happily play pvp if they solved what I have specified here. The reality is that the Tree of Savior game never knew how to find the balance between player equipments with fair upgrade + stable server + intelligent class balancing.
These three items I quoted above are the root of any mmorpg game. If you do not have a safe and accessible equipment progression system, if you do not have a stable server and fit the playerbase, and if you do not have balance between immunity status, heal, and all kinds of skill that can be used continuously , this breaks the game and there is no satisfactory pvp, just a game where anyone getting throwing skills during the lag wins.


GvG content for a game where each server is dominated by one guild that just hoarded half of the server’s population. Genius. Let alone rewards for this GvG are total garbage => zero stimulus to even bother about it.

Want to have a competition - limit guild size to ~30 ppl. And allow alliances.


I am also discouraged by these unsuccessful content


many of us smaller, casual guilds are leaving the game.
Locking endgame gear behind forced PVP while it is monopolized by one big whale guild.
Judging from the number of players that is barely half of what re-build attracted, have fun letting IMC milk the last of you guys before the game is gone for good.
If they actually care, they should’ve done something about the bugged weekend event and AFK bokors in HG, but nope.


There’s a 390HG AND a lv 420 expansion coming soon along with a lot of content expansion with fishing and mining and etc coming this year. So there are pve content coming. Just gotta be patient


Of course we are ready, see this


IMC can shove this afk-oriented content somewhere deep


I’m kinda okay with Boruta. When reading GTW reward and tariff system, it strikes me. I know that old players and all their time spent playing this game has to be rewarded. Of course old player should be stronger than new player. But this way, the gap will be further. The strong will get more silver the more people buy stuffs. The weak will have to pay more to get stuffs. Like life wasn’t hard enough for them.


I’m a old player…
I have full velc armor/weapon and i dont like this new content…


there are no hacks for anvils since 2 years ago, stop crying