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NEXT Project #2 : New / Adjusted Contents and System

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘NEXT Project #2 : New / Adjusted Contents and System’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


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" Saint’s Sacellum is the first main content of Goddess Raid that combat with Vasilisa to obtain materials for Goddess equipment crafting"

" Normal Raid has an entry limit per character, but Goddess rank equipment is needed as entry condition."

I don’t understand. You get the materials to craft the Goddess Equipment from the raid… but you need Goddess Equipment to enter??? This makes no sense…

" Saint’s Sacellum Hard (Party)"

(Entry Voucher x1 will be given per team on the first update)

So you need to do the hard version once to get Voucher Recipe x48 (100%) to do it again to get the Goddess rank equipment. This will probably be insane to complete at first like all other raids, meaning only a handful of players will be able to get the Goddess equipment ever (since iirc that equipment is char bound).

didn it state
“Since this is the beginning of transition to the Goddess, we decided to change the existing Legend to Goddess

so we can enter with currently eq legend gear then?

I remembered they said somewhere that they would give you 2(?) sets of vouchers to convert your gear to goddess, meaning you can have 2 chars capable for the new raid at max, or 2 sets of weapons for dual weapons on 1 char.

you can convert legendary 440er sets to goddess sets when they are introduced. They made a post regarding the transfer of upgrades. The only requirement is T8+ (since T10 glacia/savinose dysnai attack is equal to the basic T0 goddess equipment attack; as for the defense, there’s a bit of discrepancy since gloves & boots will have the same defense as tops,bottoms, so once you convert the set, it will inevitably have more defense in total even at lower values than T10).
The only problem is that this conversion will make the equipment bound to a single character, so of course the raid will need to provide materials to craft additional goddess sets, otherwise you would have to craft several glacia/savinose dysnai sets and convert them, which is extremely inefficient and resource-costly.

Edit: shields have the same defense value as subweapons have attack

Quote from first dev blog:

Equipment Inheritance

Goddess Equipment basically has a continuous structure by using the previous generation’s equipment as a material. Because this Goddess Equipment is the first generation, it is inherited from Lv.440 Legend Equipment which is final equipment currently. This system isn’t an event for the Legend equipment but a regular system which will be continued from now on.

Requirement for Inheritance is Lv.440 Legend with 8 or above TRA. If it meets the 8 or above TRA, every equipment from crafting, event, purchase can be inherited to Goddess.

Weapon can be inherited into weapon, armor to armor, and weapon can be chosen from all kinds of weapons and Armors from every kind of armors. Shield is categorized as a Subweapon, so needs to be chosen from weapons.

If the Inheritance material equipment is 11 ENH 10 TRA or above, ⅔ Enhancement value and Enchant value(decimal point ignored, Enhancement value is up to 14 after Inheritance) will be inherited to Goddess.

So the way you progress is : convert your glacia/savinose dysnai set to a goddess set for one of your characters
2. you put new enchants and random status values on it in case there is nothing to be inherited (not T10 +11; engraving system; item awakening is inherited I think, but can be redone with new values and a different stat pool when required with the new abrasive agent)
3. you do goddess raid and farm materials to enhance your goddess set/to craft new goddess sets for alt chars

you get two boxes to choose a goddess weapon from once the goddess set is introduced so you don’t need another set of weapons for your first character to be ready for the goddess raid, as the goddess set has 4 active weapon slots instead of only 2.

quote dev blog:

In addition, two Goddess Weapon Selection Box will be provided at the same time as the Goddess update to support the addition of slots.

I read this expecting to be disappointed and that’s exactly what happened.


Does the Lv440 Legend gear conversion to Goddess Rank will include ep12 n Event gear from TP box?

Event gears and TP box/package only. No confirmation on Episode 12 gears.

Any level 440 legend equipment works as long as it’s transcended to stage 8 or higher. If the equipment is transcended to stage 10 and enhanced to +11 or higher, then it also inherits some of the enhancement value of the old equipment.

ah yes… i see it now under the " Equipment Inheritance " section

Requirement for Inheritance is Lv.440 Legend with 8 or above TRA. If it meets the 8 or above TRA, every equipment from crafting, event, purchase can be inherited to Goddess.

i hope goddess item made from event n ep12 wont have the current ichor limitation n enchantment limitation

thank you crevox