Newibe friendly starting class


Hello TOS community
my game is currently downloading i got about 10 - 12 hours till i start playing
so my question is iam completely new to the game so which class should i start with for solo playing /farming and money making .
Any info would be appreciated


As you didn’t say what tree you’d like the most here’s one generic build for every tree :prince:

Swordsman : Highlander/Barbarian/Doppel generic 2h sword user, really strong PVE.

Archer : Ranger/Falconer/Mergen generic bow user with Falconer’s utility added, really strong solo and useful in party play

Wizard : Pyromancer/Elementalist/Taoist generic mage, lots of aoe and damage, the current meta build for DPS wizards
Mention to the Bokor/Sorcerer/Necromancer, if you’re into full summoning

Cleric : Druid/Exorcist and whatever you like for a magic damage Cleric
Inquisitor/Paladin and whatever you like for a physical damage Cleric

Scout : Bulletmarket/Enchanter/Linker extremely strong right now, getting buffed soon. Does it all and more.
As a dagger scout main, i can only highly discourage you from trying PVE dagger it’s really underwhelming right now


iam doing some research right now about the classes but it got me more confused xD , although i like the idea of gun user characters ( bullet maker ,shwarzer something xD , and musketeer) since it reminds me of my ragnarok gunslinger . so any of the previous 3 can be utilized for PVE ?
and thanks for the build suggestions


Gunslinger from ragnarok huh? I think the playstyle of bulletmarker will suit you.

My suggested build:
BM-enchanter-corsair. Can also add in linker.


thanks for the suggestion
but what route should i take with the classes pick and stat points for bulletmaker to work in PVM ?


just want you to know BM is less mobile than SR. also SR is much better at farming than BM. whatever your build is going to be, you can completely replace BM with SR. and SR runs faster than BM. you should take SR/BM first since they give you the dps skill, then enchanter and linker last. buff class goes to the second class, and utility class goes thrid its easier for you lvling. stats wise, you can go STR or DEX for dps. DEX recommended


i couldn’t understand the classes part but it seems full dex would be the right choice xD
so what order should i follow for the classes ?


For BM, go with BM (offensive skill so you can level), then enchanter (good buff for mid-game leveling), then linker (has less crucial skill, it will take awhile to level to max class level).

For SR, go with SR, enchant, then thauma or linker.

Edit: for stats, honestly I think the classes alone give enough DEX for attack speed. High DEX is for more experienced players who are well-geared and have good crit rate. I personally think going CON is more worth it. STR is ok, but just so you know most of the damage comes from weapon instead of stats.


Left over points have a lot more freedom but 2 skills you should not invest further into are Hook and Silver Bullets, both are good up until level 5, then stop.

I’d also say don’t go further into Tase or Tracer Bullet.


honestly, put all manually distributed points into CON

if you actually want a rifle instead of pistols, I recomend Musk-Sapper-Piper - it owns any content including PvP rn


i will just leave this here


yea that to, any points you get to invest are better off going into CON.

This games HP pools are garbage and CON makes a bigger difference to your HP than any other stat does.

On top of it being the most valuable PvP stat

and on top of the content difficulty increasing to the point that % hp boosts are mandatory for new players that do not avoid 100% of attacks.

Just invest in CON.


wait so you actually can choose jobs from other trees as an archer ?!


Archer cannot choose classes from different tree. No class can choose classes from different tree.

@thepurpleknightmare what is so good about lv5 hook and why you wouldn’t suggest leveling past 5?


this build looks really great and iam liking the synergy between skills
what about the stat points for this build where should i invest em ?


now iam having a different type of problem
whenever i try to talk to the npc at the beginning nothing happens at all , and even tho iam moving my mini map is completely frozen like i haven’t moved at all , also i keep killing monsters and lvling up without quests but my exp bar doesn’t move an inch… WTH is that


Hook is only useful in PvP really, and PvP has specific rules to nerf CC.

Idr the specifics for hook but points put past 5 end up wasted IIRC.

I think the rules for hook were that it’s capped at 5 seconds and it’s duration is halved? I don’t know that for sure, it’s been forever since I came to this decision that I’ve started forget the specifics. Basically after a certain level it doesn’t add duration in PvP. Pretty sure that level is still 5.

As for investing the points, again the answer is always CON.


i already reached level 40 with your build and i can already say i loved it the moment i switched to bullet maker , thank you so much its looking so fun.
and one more thing. with the remaining 22 points in BM tree iam thinking about maxing smash bullet for DPS against bosses and investing the remaining points into bloody overdrive since the AOE burst is insane. what do you think ?


Don’t. BM has a lot of useful skills your skill point will be wasted if you put it into Smash. Smash is 1 hit wonder. Use Mozambique for bossing. Today’s patch gonna buff the use of Mozambique.


Smash Bullet is the best skill but the DoT doesn’t increase with level. It’s based on your secondary physical attack. Only the initial hit goes up with level.