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Newbie LF a viable Ranger build!

Hello there,
I’m new to ToS, I really love bows so I’d like a Ranger build that’s viable.

Was looking at Mergen> Fletcher > Ranger but I’ve seen alot of past topics mention Falconer instead of Fletcher

Which one is the most optimal at the moment?

ranger mainly taken for steady aim and critical shot buff. But critical shot buff is useless if you rarely crit, and at episode 12 you need 4000 crit rate to crit optimally.
If your crit rate <4000, dont pick ranger.

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The falconer build topics are about old rebuild patch, now the optimal build is with fletcher. But not get it wrong, falconer still very good.

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and aniki is correct, ranger is meta but for end game you need 4k crit to make use of critical shot buff

Can you tell me a skill build order? (I wanted to go fletcher anyway after reading the abilities, I like single liked them a bit more)

I found this one, is this viable or is there a better one?

Ty for your reply!

ep 12 monster has high hp, i prefer to max 1 skill than have 2 halfmax skills (like 10 triple arrow 5 downfall is a big no no)

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Thank you I’ll try this out!

I’m curious, do you only use critical shot for the buff? I assumed it does decent single target damage but I’ve seen you go for the aoe with cc attribute

ranger mostly used for buff, their offensive skills are just filler when all mergen fletcher skills down. you can max out crit shot too if you want

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One last question, on attributes do you also get the ones that expand range or purely focus on buffs and damage?

this one?
with overflowing 100/500/1000 attribute voucher from event, 65 attribute point to max that attribute is too cheap to be missed

Yes the fletcher and also the mergen one, since the build sim only shows ability attributes.
Also from the skill build i’d assume the remaining 4 points in the Archer tree are optional or allocated to Leap to increase it’s range?

Kinda sorry, I’m low-key making you write a whole guide on the class for me lol

take the mergen too because it is cheap

you can max leap for lepidoptera raid, anything else feel managable with leap 1, imo

Hopefully when they fix/buff/revisit ranger, it’ll be pretty viable spec on its own like Fletcher, Mergen, Hunter, Musket, Cannon, etc.

I’m afraid it’ll be relegated to a “support circle”.