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Newbie Elementalist/Chronomancer/Alchemist could use some insights

So i just discovered that ToS scrapped their old over-complicated class system for a much simpler one.
That was the only reason for me to not try the game at all, now i want to give it a shot.
Can someone give me some insights on these classes? What is worth to get? How many skills are just “spend one point and leave it”, etc.

Thank you very much.

PS: yes, it was over-complicated, because in the end, people are just going to use top 1 builds anyways.

You have chosen a pure “Support Wizard” which hasn’t been proven necessary yet. It may be necessary/beneficial in the new raid “White Crow”.

For now, I would back up Elementalist with Pyromancer (Max Fireball+StormDust) and choose either Chrono or Alch to keep.

Pyro/Ele/Alch - Maintain Health and Mana easily. Max your potion spells and shops, or abandon the idea of shops and get Alchemist Missle for Stone Curse synergy and a fun run’n’gun spell.
Pyro/Ele/Chrono - Reset your strongest moves with “Pass” and the selfpass attribute. Costs Spell Items
Pyro/Ele/Tao - Best single target burst dps (Bossing). Drains Mana (SP) quickly.

Edit here is what I would use for the first build.

Edited link for proper build, lol

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As said above your build is missing some synergy, but if you really want to go with those 3 classes :
Alchemist :
-MAX Tincturing, Sprinkle Potion, Item Awakening,
-get as much points as you want in the damage skills
-get gem roasting if you want to use the shop
-leave dig alone

Elementalist :
-MAX Meteor, buy fire ground scrolls to maximize its damage.
-mix and match the skill points in Storm Dust and Fire Claw
-put points in Electrocute, stone Curse and Elem Essence if you like them
-take 1 point in Hail

Chronomancer :
-MAX Pass and Quick Cast
-don’t touch Time Forward unless you plan to pvp
-everything else is very situational so take whatevere fits your needs


Tyvm. Sadly these are just the classes i want, so i can’t follow the hint on the pyromancer.

Should i put ONLY 1 point in hail, or more would be better?
This is what i’ve done, and i can see it will probably look dumb, but i want to know what i must change on it.

For general insight on the classes you can look up Icyrulos’ Wizard guide, it’s almost complete Re:Build Guide To All Wizard Classes (Post EP11)

In short :
-don’t get homunculus unless you REALLY want to
-hail has no interest past level 1, it’s more used for utility than for damage
-try your rotations and see which skills you want to use the most before investing points for damage