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NEW! Wedding Disaster: The Invitations!

The Disgruntled Bride is looking for a kind soul who will return her wedding invitations in exchange for a reward… Click here to find out what you can do to help!


Thanks IMC, :sunglasses:

1 rank reset on my mail and 1 rank reset for this event.

I’m going to try 2 different build for the exorcist class.

Just want to clarify, can I choose one of my characters to receive the stat reset potion and a different character within the same team for the rank reset?

My first time encountering this kind of event so forgive me for asking this.

as far as my experience on imc’s events, yes you can do that.

2 rank resets on your mail and 1 rank reset for this event* =)

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Both with expiration date :expressionless:

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You have to receive it on that character. EG If you want a stat reset on character A, gather fragments with A and Have A give the fragments. If you want Character B to receive the reward, have B give the fragments to the girl on that specific reward count.

So the important question is, what’s the drop rate?


idk if you can choose who will receive it, but I guess you will receive it right when you interact with the NPC. But have this in mind:

what if the bride ends up getting in love with you because of your kind deeds in contrast to her unhelpful groom to be?! OAO

@DrRM it’s that time again where we worry on stuff we may never get to use :'D

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I cant help it am a looter D: things should not expire without been used :frowning:

I would feel better if it as like irl were thing don’t expire, they get used by other… things :confused:

like if you don’t use the rank reset or whatever, when the time runs out, the item is send to a random person or become trade-able or drop on the floor for other to grab and continue the timer again…

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wat tu duuuuu, i may reset tu get an crafting klass

kraft 100 items tu get whyt hair an den reset bak tu mai olde build XD

yeh i keep dem expired stuff maiself XD

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I will prob reset my Cleric c2 >Diev > Sadhu c3 PD…

into Cleric c2 + Diev C2 > Sadhu c3 > Exorcist…

EDIT: you can get white hair super fast with recipes…

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