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New story boss monsters

is anyone else finding it difficult to beat the boss’s in the new story? or is it just me?

not me using +11 savi event.
20 charrrr

i am as well…yet i seem to die fast…

cheesed them with my cryo owO and shadowmancer arts skill (just in case i got dumb) owO

frost pillar
ice wall
snow rolling+subzero shield pretty much puts them in na frozen state as i whittle their 30m hp away :haha:

I’ve yet to try the new quest bosses, but judging from the comments, Double Centaurus, Gesti, and that butterfly goddess possessed by Rexipher seem harder (when they were first implemented - and this was waaaaaaaaaaaay before re:build).

the huge jacked hp is surprising and I’m kinda amazed that they make the boss scale with number of player. Took a while to mow down the boss with omnny-kino-sage since I don’t have any skill for bossing. It’s pure easy to go with my pve bossing char but I don’t know if I can make it with those other meme/farming char

I was really impressed with their models and attacks/animations.

And even though I’m in very good gear, one of them nearly shredded me to death at the end. Was really spooky. I think they are fully intended to be difficult as hell.

If you’re on Klaipeda, whisper me (Narcissus) and I can help you with em.

Last boss was pretty hard. Thankfully they don’t have an absurd amount of hp.

My only complaint about the bosses is how they don’t add cards for them, or the ability to spawn in CMs, card albums etc. Such a shame we only get to see these cool bosses once per character (Same problem with many old bosses).

Thanks for the tip but thats what ive been doing pretty much. I forget the name of the boss but he has this tracking skill thats pretty much impossible to dodge and it ko’s me…right near the end of the story line

I kinda cheesed the last boss by letting my corpse tower take the aggro.
He still earth spiked me to death with no way to survive a couple of times though, but it is what it is.
I would prefer if they made hard bosses that didnt just have aimbot instakill skills unless you have toppest of tiers of gear to tank one full earth spike attack.

this boss remind me of falconer3’s advance trial, but easier, because the falconer boss is 1 hit death version

I’m still at this part XD. So far, so good.

PS: Only wearing full event Savi gears

Last i remember, falc3 boss didnt have a skill that oneshot you regardless of where you were unless you had top tier gear.
At least the quest boss let me use soul crystals, falc3 advancement was a pain do to with no deaths with only basic attacks and multishot.


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here’s remnant from the past regarding falconer3 advancement

and it was Rank 8 era. I remember soloing crystal mine mission farming 315 purple weapon material, and all the boss there hitting me for 1 dmg (my def is not bad). And then i take the falconer3 advancement quest, boy oh boy… 1 hit death. i even didnt bother to repair my armor 0 dura anymore, just repair the weapon, rinse and repeat the dark soul mode of Tos

I completed the falc3 quest back in rank8, and honestly at least if you died, its because you didnt position properly, even if the arena was kinda small.
I was a full con hunter3 (pet was permastunned), so i could take 2 hits from the falc boss before i died at least :sweat_smile:
Those earth spikes from the giltine boss cant be dodged, unless im missing some secret strategy

earthspike has limited range, i shoot the boss from outside the range and the spike never reach me

I had trouble with them, but only because I’m running a meme build with just okay equipment.

It’s a welcome, little challenge.

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