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New Scout Class - Star Gunner

It’s me again with another idea for a possible new Scout class. I hope you like it.

Solar Shot - Max level: 15 - OH: 4 - CD: 15 seconds

Shoot a sun-infused ray-like bullet in a straight line towards multiple enemies with a 30% chance to inflict them with bleeding.

Level 1: 320%
Level 15: 3288%
Skill factor increase per skill level: 212%
AOE Attack Ratio: +10

Shooting Star - Max level: 15 - OH: 2 - CD: 30 seconds

Charge your pistol for 2 seconds sending a concentrated shot into space that will split and rain down on enemies to continuously damage them.

Level 1: 277% per 0.3 seconds (7 Targets / +1 target for every skill level)
Level 15: 1663% per 0.3 seconds (21 Targets)
Skill factor increase per skill level: 99%
Duration: 7.5 seconds

White Hole - Max level: 15 - OH: 1 - CD: 50 seconds

Summons a gigantic while hole that applies max threat value to enemies on screen to chase after you and decreases their critical resistance by 2% per skill level. White Hole duration: 5 seconds, Debuff duration: 10 seconds

Nebula - Max level: 10 - OH: 1 - CD: 40 seconds

Creates a fog from outer space that decreases movement speed by 1 and increases gun type attacks by 2% per skill level on enemies affected by the skill. Fog duration: 5 seconds, Debuff duration: 10 seconds

Synergy: If Electric Shock is applied to enemies affected by the Nebula debuff, gun type attacks will deal additional 0,5% damage per Electric Shock damage tick and enemies will take double hits from Electric Shock damage for its entire duration.

Big Bang - Max level: 5 - OH: 1 - CD: 30 seconds

Create the mother of all explosions to inflict great damage on enemies that ignores 3% of their DEF per skill level. You need to jump activate this skill.

Level 1: 7777% (DEF ignored: 3%)
Level 5: 10885% (DEF ignored: 30%)
Skill factor increase per skill level: 777%
AOE Attack Ratio: +20

Attribute: Makes you immune to knockdown, knockback and debuffs for 1 second immediately after jumping.

Singularity - Max level: 5 - OH: 1 - CD: 35 seconds

You will temporarily increase your evasion cap to 90%, but your HP and SP will decease by 2% per second. Every dodge will create a stack. 10 Stacks: +10% dmg on Star Gunner skill, 30 Stacks: +20% dmg on Star Gunner skill, 50 Stacks: +50% dmg on Star Gunner skill (Not stackable)

Duration: 5 seconds (+1 second per skill level)
Max. duration: 9 seconds

Synergy: Every 10 stacks increases the duration of Sheriff’s Redemption by 1 second.

Cosmic Gunblade - Max level: 1 - OH: 1 - CD: 60 seconds

Combine the power of your one-handed sword and pistol to create basic sword attacks with the power of the stars that will have a much greater reach and width to damage multiple enemies with every slash.

Additional damage: 500%
Duration: 120 seconds

Synergy: If Double Weapon Assault is active as well, the additional damage of both skills will be combined, but the duration will be reduced to 30 seconds.

Synergy: If Enchant Lightning is active as well, every attack has a 5% chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds.

Synergy: If Swell Hands is active as well, the max attack increase will be increased by 25%.

Synergy: If Quicken is active as well, you will reach the maximum attack speed possible.