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New Punishment Method: Punishment debuff

im not even telsians that recently banned, nor im a server is chill honestly.
im just concern about how you punish the players
i think of a cool method to punish that less obstructive
just like cm debuff that will lock you from entering another cm, this debuff is given to any players who violating game rules.except this debuff is non removable until the time expires.

1.who gives the debuff?
GM and not players. players can still report, but its GM who decide using its datamine thingy.

2.what are reasons player got the debuff?
-gameplay violation,abusing bugs etc

3.what are the debuff?

  • Punishment: detention
    This debuff still let the player login and play the contents but:
    x no exp
    x no silver drop in field,cm,dungeon etc
    x no loot drop field, cm etc
    x no cubes drop from raid, saalus, etcs
    x no mercenary badge/bernice

  • Punishment: imprisonment
    this is something even worse than above.
    all condition above included but also block them even further from:
    x freezing popo point
    x market lock
    x trade lock
    x shout lock
    x movement speed lock at 13 and boost+10.pretty much fat guy movement

  • Punishment: Final Judgment
    all condition above.and also
    x movement speed lock at 13 and no run boost.
    x total chat lock
    x 1 hp like phantom thief event

the thing is they can still play(and pay lol), with obstruction, and no reward at all.
at least they can login even though its a bit pointless but they can enjoy some contents
the duration may vary from 2 weeks minimum perhaps

now Hacking such as sorien is another case.that thing is the one truly deserve ban hammer.another case like lindan shouldve given this debuff instead.


it’s still look like banned ._. can login but can’t do anything :satisfaction:

But let them use whisper.

And turn their character sprite into a ghost … just for fun,
Or in case someone try to scam selling a debuffed account.

@chanutpong.promsin you can roam about stalk/annoying people.

Linh dan is a product of a bug from ET 40 F from an unknown cause. ( where you meet with the goddess and disconnect as usual, but you relogin to the game with the 93 movement speed) So far there are 4 known individuals with the same speed bug on SEA server , mostly from the generation that conquered Earth Tower. ( All quitted ToS) However, only he was using it to run a monopoly on field boss cubes which upset many players since you have basically zero fighting chance , unless you were lucky to have the boss spawned in your face. You will often be taunted in this farming process as well , unless you were on a friendly basis with him where he will let you take a hit for the cube. It would be difficult for someone from outside the server to truly comprehend what he really caused against the server.

Yea i like your idea and find it both restricting , yet allow players to have some form of presence.