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New Player with questions


Hey, I’ve been playing this game for a few days now and I’m loving it. The class system is fun and I’ve already planned out my Wizard build which I intend to use even after I found out what I planned was already heavily used lol. Wizard/Elementalist/Pyromancer/Taoist for those interested. Love me some AoE.

I’ve hit 99 not long ago and I’ve decided to try and get serious with this game. To do that I’d like to understand it a little better so I have some basic noob questions I hope some people can answer.

  1. In Klaipeda there are tons of players who have set up shop around the city. Some of them haven’t logged out once since I was here on my first day. For example there’s a girl in a japanese/korean middle school costume by the storage and market NPCs. She’s saying ‘May the force be with you’ and she is still there 4 or 5 days later. Is this allowed or is it a form of botting/exploit? I haven’t been disconnected once after being away from the keyboard though.

  2. If I join a guild to I have to participate in any guild based PvP. I’ve got 0 confidence in PvP fights of any game so if joining a guild means being forced into PvP I’ll probably stay away.

  3. WIll I get flak for not using a cookie cutter build? As i said above the build I had planned has already been seen as common, if not popular, so I might not have to worry on my current main but in future if I want to spice things up will players actively check my classes to make sure I’m running a ‘good’ build.

I have noticed the bot problem too which is sad. Here’s hoping that get fixed. That’s about all I have to ask at the moment and I hope I can get some answers.


1 - Shops stay up when you log out, you dont need to afk with the shop open
2 - No one is forced to do any pvp. Doing gemstone feud is very worth it though, and can be done even with a pve build
3 - Playing a non-meta build is fine, as long as it isnt complete trash. That being said, meta builds will be better of course, and some classes are better than others regardless of build

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  1. There is a class change system in the game that allows you to change classes within your base class by doing activities in the game:

You can’t change your main class (swordsman, cleric, archer, scout, wizard). This is only available through very special events from time to time, but you can change your meta or non-meta build, if you don’t like it.

  1. a feature of the game where you can have 1 unmanned shop working if you log off or change character. basically your character becomes an npc. you can set up 2 shops max, one that is by the logged off feature, and one where you are playing as the shop owO

  2. not all guilds are for pvp Owo some are into getting the end game stuff or party based dungeons owO
    though there are just for fun guilds like mine who participates on guild wars just for fun as well owO;;

  3. play whatever you like, it’s a game, you should be enjoying it the way you’re supposed to as long as you’re not exploiting game mechanics or break the rules.

if people have a problem with that, then it’s their problem. as far as the game is concerned, harassment from other players because of one’s build(or for any reason) is prohibited.

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most of your questions here are already answered so I just wanna point out that you don’t have to participate in GvG. I’m sure there are many PvE focused guilds.
and there’s guild quest, it can give you 5k attributes, goddess statue, and seed, weekly so it’s really nice for newbies, I recommend you to join an active guild that does it regularly.


Thanks for the information, good to know the community is so willing to help new guys like myself :smiley: I’ll find an active guild in due time I’m sure and the shop things is kind of cool though I personally think it makes towns a little messy looking but it’s better than designated spaces being fought over or manopolized


Well, in some future updates, shops are not gonna be able to open near an NPC, so they way the city looks “messy” is gonna change a little bit, is still gonna be messy but at least is gonna “clear” is some key points, like the teleport statue in the middle of Klaipedia


ur from which server?


I play on the EU server