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New player needs directions


Hey! I’ve been playing for a few days now, I’m currently lvl 100 and just finished the Great King Storyline, in the dialog I was told I need to go to a mage tower, but I can’t find it, also there are like 100000 quests in my log all of a sudden and I have a lot of “Main” quests, I’ve only ever been following the one Main quest up to this point so I’m rather confused.


mage tower quest starts at fedimian, and the entrance to mage tower is at fedimian suburbs. As for what quests to do, you can use the quests listed as a requirement to unlock the legend card slot as a reference on what main quests to do. Most of the other quests aren’t as important, though there are a few that grants titles and stuff but you can do them much later if you want to be a completionist.


Lots of places you can go, but you can’t start the Mage Tower questline until you are 103.

It does start at Grita in Fedimian. In the meantime, you can grind out some levels somewhere else or do another chain if you’d like.


no need quest, 0-23 hunting infroctor or kepa hanaming, 23-70 Tenet garden enemy spawn a lot, 70 - 115 Feretory hill (find sage shop warp in town) 115-220 demon prison 2nd floor, 220-300 direct to kalejima (no need cranto thing). I can make 300 level char maybe only 4-5 days after working hour :smiley:


If you are going for the 1st time … you can try to complete all quest 1st… because your main char will be your most beloved char…

Try install quest addon that help alot in term of level and where u can start…

if u have start questing main story from klaipeda than go start questing main story at orsha

both will lead to fedimian as second stage of story line…

here the link to addon manager

and here forum thread about addon

TOS quest u.i really messy don’t rely on it too much


this guide is old but the direction still relevant

oh … when it say “do all” mean do all quest :haha:


since we’re sharing leveling guides ;

decent, kinda up-to-date one (check the left part of the doc, at the bottom) :

old, still works, you’ll be doing more quests and unlocking more maps with this (same one linked above) :

Also while i’m at it :

Extra stat points you can get (will be more useful once Re:Build happens, since these are the only stat points you can spend on ANY stat, it won’t be automated) :

You can find some more in this one as well :

That topic also mentions revelation quests, wich are important if you want to unlock the Legendary Card slot on a character