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New player / need help

hi guys , i really need help with a build , mainly for PVE , hunter PVE? or something like that

How many chars can you do ? Look for builds that are good for Challenge Mode, I’ll list four based on popularity ranking (

Doppelsoeldner / Barbarian / Highlander (

Mergen / Falconer / Ranger (

Pyromancer / Elementalist / Taoist (

Inquisitor / Zealot / Druid (

thank u so much , the archer looks kinda cool :smiley: , u know where i can find more builds? im really lost on that website

You can find the build ranking here, it gets updated weekely (well, almost).

For a new player, I’d suggest druid-plaguedoc-exorcist. High survivability, only need to focus on few skills for attacks, and heals.

Edit: oh oops, forgot this is an archer thread. Ranger-falcon-mergen is the most standard/basic archer playstyle I guess. But in my opinion is cosumes quite a lot of SP.