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New player need help with Musketeer Re:build

I want to be a musketeer but i don’t know where to find a right build, i look up but i think it is all pre re:build update. i choose mus right away after the first adv and go for full dex, am i doing it right ? And what should i choose to adv next after mus ?

Don’t go full dex.

Your build should really be based around what you want to do. Compatible classes are as follows:

Pied Piper

Any other class and you will have to invest in another weapon and swap, so I would advise against that.

Falc is probably one of the better choices, and is good for everything. It also has a high skill count, so you may want to pair it with something that has a lower active damage skill rotation, such as appraiser, piper, or sapper.

Plan a build around what you want to do end game. If you want big AoE? Wugushi or sapper are good. Want to farm? Hunter has some buffs for looting chance. Want to do raids? Everybody needs a falc. Want to PVP? Appraiser and piper have exceptional PVP buffs/debuffs. It’s all about what you want to do.

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Thank you, so should i go with full str ?

Str or con, even.

You don’t really have that many stat points to go around anymore, so you’ll fill the gaps with gear.

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