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[NEW PLAYER] musketeer builds

Hi, i just want some help with musketeer builds :haha:

i was thinking about musketeer-falconer-pied piper
or musketeer-tiger hunter-?

im so lost with the skills some people max penetration shot and volley fire,
but I do not understand why, these skills look really bad in my opnion >headshot sniper serenity and snipe damage, right?

some help and tips pls

I am on the same boat :blush:

I will be Musky > TH > Pied piper…

I won’t go falco cause I got no more space at home for pets and Sapper I was already and it annoy me not been able to transfer all my other sapper stuff D: so am not piling more trash…

EDIT: here is my build idea for ref…

thanks for the reply :smile: I appreciate that
after playing for a while i endup with this build:

I just do not know very well if this is 100% viable
and I have another question. about the stat points how i can get it? i leveling my char just by grinding some maps, i need do the quests?

You gain stats automatically by leveling, based on your class choices.

The points that you gain to distribute come from the main quests,where you get a revelation at the end AND from Statues in specific maps,there’s a guide prolly here or on reddit.

this was very useful, could u give me the link for the thread? thanks.

I think this is outdated but try searching “Goddess Zemyna Statues Stat” and something better might come up

I feel like you could get overwhelm by skill/slot amount…

but if you can handle that many skill rotations it can be a really good build :slight_smile:

I too maxed Sniper Sere… but am not feeling it effect other than getting slow :confused:

maybe as I add more synergy I will get better use of it…

yeah about that, you right :v too much buttons to press

A tip for Sniper Serenity:

Keep a different weapon for quick switch(i use a shield),just switch weapons and the buff ends and you get your speed back.