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New player, lot of questions

Hi guys. I tried to play this game few years ago but, my computer didn’t want to. Now, I have a new one so, it’s time to play this. Honetly, I’m hyped since the begining, probably thanks to my years on Ragnarok Online. When the game was teased, i’ve seen the next game.

So, now, I’m pretty lost, there are too much classes and possibly builds so, I don’t even know on which one I have to start. Before choosing my build, i’m stil hesitate with Cleric, Fighter and Scout. Yeah, not good for choosing. So, basically, i would like to ask you if there are some … “Builds database”, maybe? Some kind of webite where people can post their build what can be visible by everyone just to help me to choose.

For now, i’m hesitating with support cleric (maybe with Plague Doctor) but fort this, i’m affraid to not making enough damage to play easily in solo. Damage phyical cleric, probably with Monk in the tree. Next, for the Scout, the Outlaws class looks interesting and, for the fighters, i’m balanced with spearc classes and rapier ones.

So; i’m not searching for the most broken thing just, playing something that’s not really bad/weak. So, yeah if you thing one ot my hesitating things looks bad, please tell me.

And, for the last, for the server, can you advise me? Maybe there are one of them what are depopulated and, i’m always “affraid” to begin a new adventure, for discovering, later, that there are nobody on this ^^

Thanks to people who will take time to answer me. Hope it will be understandable, english is not my mother tongue.

Try this, though some skills are not updated. but it ca nhelp you decide a build u want.

I believe you were searching for this. As for the skill builds, I couldn’t recommend one because some people may differ as well.

which continent do you live in? if you live in asia,choose asia server (telsiai)

Yeah, i was looking fors something with stats and skills but, looks like it could be really useful thanks to you.

I completly forgot about that, i’m from France.

Thanks again.

france, then fedimian server is the closest to you, but it is also has the most expensive item price at market compared to other server due to fedi’s small population. Try testing play at telsiai server, if it is not lagging for you then you better play at telsiai.

Play on Fedi server then. If you’re new, it’s easier to join a french guild to be guided more easily.

Fedimian and Klaipeda are probably the only options you have. Don’t play on Telsiai or Silute, they are worse when it comes to issues affecting server stability and frequent errors, which can ruin your gaming experience.

By the way, IMC just released a developers roadmap, so it might be better to wait a few months before starting again.
If I was you, I’d scout Fedimian and Klaipeda, check which server suits you most, and lay low for a while until iTOS gets the new updates that make the life of the player much easier.
One thing you could do is get the support box from the current event and level to 450 on a server of your choice to receive the free art tomes,attribute points, the free event ark and some other goodies.

Klaipeda should have French guilds,too, because of Canada.

Try creating a character on all server and check your ping. keep in mind that Fedimian, while it is logically close to you, the server has population problems resulting to very expensive items. telsiai on other hand has good population but has server stability issues.

I suggest playing on klaipedia server if your ping allows you to.

btw, to check your ping, type “//ping” on chat.

As someone who lives close to France, I tested my ping, it’s between 30 and 45 ms for Fedimian and between 110 and 140 ms for Klaipeda. Probably not the best example since in my region the internet speed is not the best, but the dimensions should be the same, about 1/3rd to 1/4th the ping on Fedimian compared to Klaipeda. I guess you can still play the game on Klaipeda if you manage to get around 100 ms ping or lower since easier gearing can probably compensate for the slower reaction times.

Just try out playing on both servers, measure your ping and decide.

Waw, I didn’t expect so much answers, thanks. So, yes, I will try Klaipedia first, we’ll see, if it’s not posible, I will go for Fedimian

The game will be really change in few months? I’m not affraid to start now, even if it will be more difficult than in few months. I’m still making my searches for my character but, not affraid for playing ^^

Thanks again.

Not build specific but since you are returning after many years a lot has changed and the databases are outdated. You can probably find some helpful stuff in this guide.

Just as well if you need a guild, my guild, Reverie, is newbie friendly and we’d be happy to have you. o/

I also have created an account on Klaipeda (because before they decided to revamp the pet slots I didn’t have char slots to test new builds and I used Klaipeda free character slots to do that), and each time I go there I have absolutely no problem playing fluently, so if you want to consider playing there you should have no trouble.

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