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New looking for AOE archer build

hello so like the title says im new I have a ex/druid build but wanting to play some archer woud archer/ranger/fletcher/mergen be a good aoe build and if so what would the skill tree look like? thank you for your time

Ranger/falconer/mergen will probably take you further in all respects, but that’s a choice for you to make. Fletcher is good, but not falconer good.

what makes ranger good? is that replaceable by another class? say sapper, cannoneer or wugu

I’m Archer/ranger/falconer and AoE are really strong.
U’ve strong aoe skill, and some one target strong skill too.
I like this spe’ !

In futur will be mergen.

Ranger is good for a variety of reasons. The active skills give a nice balance between AoE and single target, but the buffs are really where it’s at, Steady Aim is amazing if you’re using a 2H bow and still pretty darn good if you’re not, and Critical is nice as well.

Arch-ranger-falc-mergen is obvious.

Other options can be:

Arch-pied piper-falc-mergen

Wugu can probably be replaced by sapper. Not sure, haven’t tried archer much.

waa i want to make arch-wugu-piper-muske but i dont find any buid

for me the best aoe build with bow and with frieno equip

wugushi - falcon - mergen
fletcher - falcon - mergen (in aoe and sinergia)
ranger - fletcher - mergen ( with aoe equip and card no need falcon)

with cannon

wugushi - matross - cannon (in future)
sapper - matross - cannon

PVE, shift piper points around for PVP to drop floete points into friedenslied.