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New Hunting Ground [Irredian's Shelter]


Greetings Saviors,

Get ready for the NEW Hunting Ground [Irredian’s Shelter]!


  • Irredian’s Shelter is a new Lv. 390 hunting grounds that features Lv.390 monsters and Lv.400 boss monster.

The three main powers of ancient Nicopolis had the city in the palm of their hands. Archmage Irredian, with the support from the Kedoran Merchant Alliance, prepared a shelter for the citizens of Nicopolis to take refuge in away from the tyranny of the three rulers. Preparations for war and the magic experiments took place at the shelter to remove the barrier that cuts off Nicopolis from the outside world.


  • Challenging Lv.390 monsters than in existing hunting grounds.
  • Includes new gimmicks that leads to new farming areas full of monsters and a new individual raid.


  • Players can obtain new equipments that include new [Necklace] accessory and new [Seals].




It wont take that long, am sure :smirk:


even I die a lot trying in baubas, more feature for geared player, good job IMC


you’re saying that every content should be doable even if i just use soldier wand?

such ridiculous complaint.


I have a +7 350 rod and looting chance gear with no stats and +5, can survive just fine with w2>link2>thaum2>ff3. Maybe a new build is what you need. :wink:


Make it more EXP and silver worth too plz. Because now, honestly, there is close to zero reasons to do HG - drop rate for items and silver amount is not impressive at all - its easier and much more profitable to solo CM5 with tons of characters.


are u sure wizard and archer monster in baubas is not pain? I mean for standard gear,


The event drop rates for equipment in HG is what should be the default imo


Wizards are the main HG farmers due to having link3thauma3. And yeah, baubas is a park walk for wizards.
Archers struggle, yeah. Mainly due to lack of self-sustain.


Use Magic Shield and run past all archers and tala wizards to the area with Yishoneers and Ponce on the east side of the map. Swell right arm on your shield helps too. Pop a hp potion and use ennervate/blood sucking if you have to.


are you done crying?


crying? for what? stupid, why need to cry? I respect to other reply suggest me to walk from entry archer and wizard monster, happy with my answer? or want bully more?? :wink:


this would happen in rebuild, then you cant combine featherfoot with linker 3 thauma 3
damage of mobs and health has all been changed.

If you were to go linker 3 thauma 3 then you need to go scout which means that you will have cloak which you can use as a defensive skill

Why are you guys applying old builds and mechanics or experiences to something that will happen after rebuild, unless you guys have already played rebuild.


I´m new and farm with sw3/cata3/cors/lancer3.
Works fine and i can kill fast or stunlock them to death XD

But i dont have 2x drop :sad:

  1. Hunting Grounds (Baubas Cave​)
  • Get twice the drop rate on all equipment.

prob doesn’t apply to other grounds…


I mean the thauma 2x drop :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah the 2x drop from Thauma is a really huge disadvantage for every other player, since the same item that drops get duplicated, meaning you have 2x the chance on good stat rolls.

With Re:build, Thaumas Swell Brain will even boost your looting chance, which is pretty overpowered if you ask me. It’s as if they are planning to force people to farm with Scout in Re:build.


That’s called specialization. Want to farm profitably with 100% optimization => make thauma build. You can farm with other classes, but not as good as with thauma.
Want to be a decent healer - you have to take Priest in your build. You can be a healer without a Priest in your build, but eventually someone will die in your party. Dun hear the outcry “It’s as if they are forcing people to use Priests as healers”.