New Hunting Ground [Irredian's Shelter]


I do understand your point, but don’t agree completely. Specialization was achieved by those parties with oracles, doppels and chronos that were farming BB ages ago.

Making a single build that completely overshadow others in terms of farming is not a good choice in a grinding-based game. The result is for everybody to have a farmer char with basically the same build as others, cutting down build variety unless you’re a whale.


But who said that HG is the best place for grinding? It’s kinda ok place to farm equip, and just one of the places.
Being a hardcore HG farmer durin 330 and 360 era, I completely gave up a Baubas 380 HG due to:

  1. Exp being meh
  2. Silver being meh

For me it’s easier and better to solo CM5 in terms of items and silver. But those people who want to grind in HG, tend to chose thaumalinker build. And, by the way, it’s arguable that thaumalinker is indeed a best grinding build for HG. Yes, you get 2x silver, items, exp that is nice. But (!) your speed of killing things is kinda low - need to wait for jp-hk-swell rotations CD, while other damaging chars/builds can just stomp and kill a lot of mobs, thus compensating the quality with quantity.

IMHO, the thing is why thaumalinker farmer builds are so attractive and popular - they are relatively cheap. You don’t need fancy items to farm, so I would rather see them as a must-have-character for new players.
Well, and after rebuild thaumalinker builds, at least, would have some variation in terms of damaging class. I would prefer Corsair, though, for maximum profit due to pillaging. But one can have assassin, rogue, bullet marker, sr and etc. I would say it’s quite a variety even with mandatory thaumalinker first two circles.

C’mon, all games has optimal builds/chars for every aspect of the game. Super effective farmers are somewhat useless/much worse in other fields. That’s mmorpg reality, I guess.


More like: whale gaming.

No other Class tree uses subweapons. If you don’t main Scouts, you’d have to invest in a Pistol/Dagger just to farm more efficiently?

And it’s not as if it’s reasonable. You get +500 - +800 looting chance + double drops every 25 seconds, which is a huge advantage with the current low rates on primus gear.

If they’d increase the rates of primus gear drops I could see how an AoE damage dealer can farm ± as good.
But with the current setting there is no way that a dedicated character would come even close to the output of a dedicated Scout.

If the new 390 HG also drops 380 gear, that could be solved, as there are seemingly exclusive areas with higher mob density, but from farming Baubas cave on the current doubled drop rates, I must say that’s not enough to yield a reasonable result.
At some point you’re simply overweight from all that blue stuff, so you either have to go back to town to fix that or have to throw away items,which will cut down your effective farming time by a lot.

But who knows, maybe that’s one of IMCs tricks to make Scout seem more attractive (even though it’s pretty dull and only has very few Class & build options) while balancing it at a later point.


Again, you can get way more primuses per hour if you just solo CM5, rather than grinding with thauma build.


Just sink them into gem exp until your buffs run out, then turn whatever left into nucle powder. That way you’re not wasting anything without going back and forth to town :stuck_out_tongue:


Saw some gameplay from kToS and they were farming really well at baubas with test items that are average and Purple weapons with just +6, no trans


oh ya, the wizard monster and archer monster give no pain for standard armor, they are an easy prey of course, hmm maybe we need to pass the range monster to fight a melle one with linker or retarius :wink:


It was a Linker using Squire’s Deadly Combo (3OH) after he liked em and hanged, the rotation was quite easy
Also had SHinobi but just to show the synergy with the electric new skill and the explotion skills which had increased damage after the enemies got linked and my bad, it was a trans 3 (still super cheap and easy to achieve)


good, before rebuild that monster HP is a lot, each monster HP is 1,3 million and the other 800k HP, I just know today after rebuild baubas getting weaker wow


Judging from the introduction video of Irredians Shelter, the monsters over there will probably have between 200k and 300k HP only, so there is no problem with basic investments (+6 T4 380 primus may very well be enough for this HG).


Looking good. Hope they can fix my stuck char in Ibre Plateau so that I can level and get to join raids.


what drops can we get in this HG?


basically the same as in Baubas Cave.
The difference is that some crafting materials drop from the monsters, and the boss monsters drop cubes that contain seals and accessory recipes that require the materials from 390 HG to craft.


so when is this coming?


to be fair most trees are pretty “dull” because no one who can be bothered will play a class combination which isn’t meta, so every tree has maybe 1-3 valid builds and some circles like monk are just deadweight.


All my builds are fun and you would be crazy to call them meta :smirk:


but you should already know it is a pain in the butt to get bracer’s an neckless from anywhere else … market price’s of some item are just way over price for lvl 170 to 350 item’s … an haft the item the req you to farm to lower lvl stuff there is ether 4 mobs or 8 mobs that take 5 hours just to get 1 item to drop speaking of the dawn fragments


Here’s a neat little guide in english for the new HG:


sorry but thauma linker should get more silver cuz is a build made for that. If u dont want to invest on a extra character do the farm with ur currently one. Im not a whale but i allways haved a thauma linker for farming.


Can’t wait to see Bokors flooding this area