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[NEW] How get hawk?

hello !

im a new falconner and need to get hawk.

do you know how get it ? buy 400 000 at npc ? or another free way ?

thx !!!

Just buy it. 400k is easy to earn as you level anyway.

You get one for free from companion trainer in klaipeda city after advancing to falconer

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Yea thanks moons7er. I’ve an option to get free Hawk.

Ive last question about hawk.
He Levelup when i kill some monster. Can i see his level, maybe can equip hawk too ?
If i can see, how can see ?

press F9 to see your hawk stats.
What weird is hawk doesnt get exp from quest

Equipping your hawk with stuffs doesn’t do anything if I’m not mistaken. Press F9 to view it, just like other pets. In fact hawk is actually a pet, an exclusive pet.

Thanks a lot for everythin’ §