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New GvG times for Fedimian? Typo in patchnotes?

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There is possibly a misleading typo in your latest mainenance notes.

Maintenance Period 01:00 to 05:00 (EDT) August 30th, 2016
=> in my timezone that translates to 8 am - 12 am

Right now it’s 9 am EDT => 16:00 (4 pm) here.

Guild Battles
[EU] Fedimian : 03:00 (EDT) => seeing that it’s 03:00 without “am” or “pm” marking, I understand it’s 10 am in the morning.

On the other hand, 15-00 EDT => 10 PM (22:00) here.

So, I guess it’s a typo? Pls tell me it’s a typo, lol.

PS. Btw, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for finally changing those times.

They didnt put am/pm anywhere so we can assume its all am.
People expected late hours (from 4 pm till 22 pm probably) and they’v got early hours again :wink:

Im waiting for this shitstorm about ‘‘people do work, only no-lifes can wake up this early’’ etc.

I still hope it’s a typo. If you translate all the times to their PM equivalents (01:00->13:00), then times are actually OK.

And yes, I did see that other times are listed as 13-00 for example, not 01:00 pm. That’s why I created this topic.

Well for me it’s 9.00 AM for GVG so not much difference. People who work at this hours are still fcked sadly. But hey we can expect full fury of keyboard warriors on weekends, right?

I work 2/2 so I’ll be your personal keyboard nemesis at least 50% of the time, CrossSleet :3

It’s my mates, my glorious crew, that I’m worried about.

i really hope they change it to sometime in the evening for all regions, no one in their right mind would do Guild Battle at 9 or 10 in the morning, people work and have school, and on the weekends i’d say most people sleep in or are too hungover to get up at those times.

can we get confirmation on wether this is a typo or not?

@STAFF_Max @STAFF_John @STAFF_Ethan @GM_Francis

Am I only one wondering why there are 3 timers of TBL, and 1 timer for GvG?

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this has to be a typo… i mean at least we had one good TBL timeslot, now we have 0? this has to be wrong…

They will realize what have they done maybe in 2-3 maintenances later. Or never.

Obviously it’s a conversion error (03:00 PM EDT = 21:00 UTC+2, 21:00 EDT is USA GvG timer).
Now, when did it happen ?
Before changing the GvG timer Server Side ?
Or before writing the news ?

At least, it shows us again that imc has a lot of trouble with this highly abstract notion that is “timezones”…


Yeah, I can clearly see how numbers may be abstract :trollface:

@sttr413 Oh boy, can’t wait :wink:

You want to get tied up so badly, huh? xD

Or do you mean you are waiting for a shitstorm to follow if those times are actually correct? xD

@sttr413 I do like waiting overall :wink: I believe IMC will change these times if anything. Good thing they changed and there are no times linked with regions (one time for all) so we know it’s possible to make separate times. Only thing left is make these times nice for everyone.

In my opinion they should go back to GvG twice a day - one earlier ( 8-10 am) and one later (20-21.00) and everyone will be cool. Schoolers, workers, strepteasers (they work late lol, would want to go gvg earlier).

This is like… an ideal game for those who like waiting overall xDD

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Oh that’s why i do play it :slight_smile: Im master waiter :wink:

Hope they really forgot to put PM everywhere!

Hope not, so it will be awkwarded moment of all awkwarded moments in game world history

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Bump? IMC, tell me it’s a typo.