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New expressive update when?

Tired of this question, but as a player, we all have rights to.
Are you guys gonna give the full patch we it comes, or this delay is this because you realy do not care about us?
Whenre re:build arrives, uou promise new content faster that it was before, but right now it seems like we are in the past.
Also, if you do care about us, why you guys do not tell us why is delaying so much?

Tired of this…and at the end, this topic its not to gms answers, is just for players give their different opinion about it.
The only thing that maintain this game alive its our player base, and imc team gives us almost nothing.

Content updates come to ITOS every 2 months. It has been this way for about a year or longer and it has been the same schedule we’ve been following.

It has not yet been 2 months since the last content update. There has been no delay.


The problem is the last “big update” was not so big (Only legend WC and some things) and that’s why we feel it has been longer than other times.

My guess is next patch… Have faith that we will get housing.

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So, we have to agree with this 2 months delay? Withou any explanation? I don’t think this way…

Silute server has been decreased the number of players since march(the real last big update), and nothing has been said, we just get new gacha that comes realy quickly, and not even this is making people stay in game…

It’s not a delay. We get content updates roughly every 2 months. Content updates take time to port over, localize, etc. This is work and cannot be done instantaneously.

Also, compared to most Korean MMORPGs, this turn around time is very short. Many games are numerous months behind their Korean counterpart, or even years.


You see, all of this has been said before, everyone knows that koreab games have large delay compared to Tos, but if we compare them to tos, i do not you if this will be even good.
Even knowing all of this, we can still say what bothering us, because beside all that, it’s not normal. If a guy wants to sell hot dog and some region that he didn’t before he must attempt to the client demand, if not, he will not gonna to sell enough.
Tos is not dead yet, i do agree with that, and as a player i do not want to, but if we do not want that, we need to talk clearly about our feelings and desires with this game. Mine is this ridiculous delay, that it just happen, because most player say the same thing that you have said, “it’s normal”, when its not.

There isn’t even real content in the updates to come.
The content that was promised for the 2nd half of 2019 ( new classes, more field and dungeon activities [archaeology, item foraging, etc.], revamp of Saalus and Merceneray post missions) was abolished in favor of more rng items (arts update, Misrus & Moringponia equip & set effects, new HG for planium grind) and useless stuff like housing and skin colours (yeah, Lithuanian Caucasians are brown now…).
Even the guild hangout update was pure grind and resource sinking (silver/mission points/guild mileage) because it’s not enough that you already need mileage for shared guild storage and guild mission entries for Boruta…
Adding more grind as content updates isn’t a good thing, it’s a bad thing, as the game has no real partime activities aside of gimmicks for fun.

What makes waiting aggravating is the fact that there are rebalances ongoing and you have to wait these 2+ months to get them, although they improve the gameplay by a lot.

and it’s not as if those changes couldn’t be applied fast (it’s just changing numbers, not text),
it’s just the robotic schedule of the iTOS staff that makes this take longer (i.e. they take the patch data as a package and implement it that way).

Players playing the treadmill for additional months who see that the game will get easier for them if they just delay playing for 2-3 months will stop playing for that time, and many will probably play another game or stop MMORPGs for good because they have more time for other things on hand,
so losing players is inevitable.


he simply said its not delay but its been like this all along dude
you just never play any localized game are you?
it always have delay with its source
if you dont want it, play ktos

New update probably October 22 as October 15 is the end of the Summer Festa event, and usually we get the whole package in one go, so we could get the new HG + rebalance + probably other stuff. Eagerly waiting for this, as the coin event starts to become really tiresome doing useless time consuming stuff for extra coins. I just hope the new HG will have enough channels to support all the players who will start farming there non-stop…

like 10 people maybe? you want new channels for that?
It’s not even worth farming there.
All you can get is random stat equips + planiums for Savinose gear (which is useless after the free +11 from event) or Skyaclipse Varna (which is as useless except in the case you want to go hardcore overupgrade into +16 or +21 or higher [or need to in case of mace because IMCs equipment balance still sucks]) or farm some EXP for Pamoka solutions.

And if we don’t receive balance + Arts update but just Arts update, I bet many people will not consider 400 HG because of the high stats of the mobs there ( 3 - 5 times the HP and 3 -5 times the defense but only ~2 times the EXP compared to Irredian Shelter) and the missing mob density (map has the same amount of monsters, but is more stretched out, so harder to mob and kill as efficiently).

400 HG

390 HG


is required to craft new moringponia+misrus set

I do not want to play in ktos, and as long as i am a player, i can ask for changes. You guys seems like so comfortable with almost nothing.
Even if i am the only one asking for stuff like that, they have to at least heard my opinion, but the problem is, i am not alone. The majority of players could not want new content quickly, but they want something that this game does not give, in the worst cenario, they do not even bother to talk about, they just leave the game.
And of course, if you are not happy you can just leave the server or game, but let us try to understand the base necessity.
Its very disappointing to come here, say about what bothers me, and ALWAYS will surge someone with no reason at all, to make the hole point seems nothing.
Yes, you can disagree, but the best way to do it its arguing and listen to.
Tree of Savior has a huge problem, that comes from years, and i cannot stop thinking that this game will continue until some similar game comes and destroy it, and of course as a long time data player i do not want that.

Tree of Savior’s problems are much more deep than a 2-3 month update cycle. Being a couple months behind Korea is actually pretty impressive for a kMMO. iRO was close to a year behind kRO.

What matters is the content itself, players need reasons to play beyond the layers of gear RNG. An easy way to achieve this is to have more pvp content. Even an open pvp room could provide some emergent content to satisfy players. Things like guild housing will help.

The cycle isn’t as important as the satisfaction of the content itself.

Tired of this question, but as a player, we all have rights to.
No, the case is worse, the customer is always right. A company that doesn’t listen to them, you know where it ends. I remember buying three years ago? The preorder of this game, and look, I lost money in a scam that got worse over the years.

I do not know if it will be pure encompassing or they are applying the Korean business model in western territory, or it is something else that I do not understand, but the thing is that they are annoying it based well on iTOS.

Are you guys gonna give the full patch we it comes, or this delay is this because you realy do not care about us?
It’s like climate change, hopefully all disasters were for that, because the solution would be simple to quick clear all the evils in the world. Any specialized scientist who is asked about this will answer this to you, not every disaster is by the climate change, it is the same as here, I wish it were all is a problem of updates or delays about the main server (kTOS), the solutions would be simple.

But it is not the case, such as climate change question, the delay of updates or its new content is overshadowed by the great burden of problems that this game carries, and that, as the optimization of it, since kTOS they have not solved, even the iTOS managers have tried to solve it through updates and exclusive content on this side of the world.

In my case, I don’t expect those updates, “Arts system”? Balance patches? Housing system? … I think they have a priority problem, instead of curing the disease, target and destroy the main problems, they will make it worse.

Whenre re:build arrives, uou promise new content faster that it was before, but right now it seems like we are in the past.
ReBuild is part of the problem, it only worsened some of the weaknesses that ToS already ballasted (for example, the impossible balance of character classes), I still practice FacePalm when I see Enchanter, Linker and Tauma in the Scout branch (Taumaturgue is synonymous of mage/wizard, if you follow a sad and official dictionary …)

Call me old-fashioned plating, but before adding new content, it is more important to review what they already have and apply fixes to existing problems rather than, with new content (which few people want, at least in iTOS), add more problems and make the small hill of crap an big Everest.

Tired of this…and at the end, this topic its not to gms answers, is just for players give their different opinion about it. The only thing that maintain this game alive its our player base, and imc team gives us almost nothing.
GMs works for the company, if the company sees that their employees are betraying them, you can expect to be kicked out, so they will never get wet on sensitive issues like this. It is sadly normal in all business. For Imc and its subsidiaries, the important thing is make money, and if they are looking for a certain client, it is the average Korean who pays all and abuses F2P + P2W (“natural-human Whales tm”).

It is the main reason why it does not matter if iTOS falls and is not heard, we are not its main objective … we are only a complement to the benefits of the company. Something that will get worse when anti-gacha measures in some West States are formally applied as law: here they will no longer have a business casino, so they will simply close their “bingo-mafia” and take it to another place where it remains legal.

I would really love to find reasons to play, but I only find reasons to erase the game from my hard drive. You can propose personal challenges, such as starting a new character from scratch without resorting to the amount of gear you have in the Storage and pretending to play without consuming EXP cards or making instances … but you can not do that, because you are limited in space to make new characters (absurds limitations), for example.

Other RPG games have learned about this and are concerned with implementing forms of play other than “chinese-grinding tm” or obtain the best combat equipment, ways of playing alternatives that entertain players and make them trust (the trust people buy cosmetics, etc.) , which ultimately are the ones who keep the game online. ToS is the opposite case.

Worst of all, we can complain about everything we want … but unless we are from the Whale-Korean sect, nobody will listen to us, even this topic ends with 1k + of votes / likes (impossible that, the number of players are 900 and “slowing-lowing”). You just have to see some of those in the past, even with the company’s official response, it seems they did as politicians (promise things and do nothing). Each update is worse than the previous one, it seems that they don’t even know what they are doing.

Some time ago I made a list of problems that dragged the game, I do not get tired of putting a link … I think it was moderately successful. I recommend that you look for another game (B2P, without monthly or annual payments) and leave the ship before its curse reaches you.

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You just never play any localized game are you?
This is the other explanation of why everything is as it is, the lack of criticism on the part of society and its harmful conformity. It is not about being located or not, which by the way, very bad in this case. Worst of all, this does not only apply to a stupid video game…

Not everyone speaks English from Cambridge, which is already known where I am going with this phrase (are more languages than one), and locating succefull something is more than translating the game and putting it within reach of another territory. You must adjust the game to the culture (cultures) of the place, making it ultimately different at certain levels (events, cosmetics, etc. I just have to remember that in Asia, Christmas is a mere commercial buy-party, when in part of the West it has other connotations that vary according to religion and culture, I remember those events here…) but equal to his older brother (kTOS), reasons (among others) for justifying the delay of months in updates.

Something that this game and many others today do not meet, are stocks to catch lifeless human-whales beyond the screen. kTOS is iTOS updated, something that shouldn’t be; iTOS shouldn’t be kTOS, just use its base and follow another way.

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