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NEW! Community Guide Hall of Fame


In this event, we’re celebrating the big update and acknowledging the adventurous players out there exploring new content and sharing the knowledge.

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Is class related guides acceptable?


Is a class-tree guide allowed? Like wizard’s tree or archer’s tree guides?


Must there be a written part? I’d like to do a parody/song with a in-game video.

  • The individual class guide will be allowed, but individual build guide will not be allowed as they are too narrow in scope.


Hey staff, can i post my guide as an image? It’s easier for me to write and compose it in photoshop (i can attach all the written text in an extra file)

Or does it actually need to be written in the forums?


Guides must be written on the official TOS forums, and not on a link elsewhere. However, links to external resources, screenshots and videos etc. are allowed when used to complement the guide.


I’ve got a few questions about this event as well:

  • Does “- We will not accept guides that are similar to others already published in our official forums.” mean that any guides that are already up to date prior to this event don’t count? Like say If I were to write anything similar to my existing cleric guide?

  • Are we capable of updating the published guide once it is added to the “Community Guides” with ease? or does it require moderator approval for each edit? I’m asking because it is quite convenient to be able to update build guides on the go as new information or balance changes can change these at a rapid pace. (Might be best to keep builds to the relevant class threads tbh.)

  • Can we request certain topics to also be placed elsewhere on the forum? Because for certain class topics I rather like having them in the relevant class and rank subforums. And they’re not as suited as general advice topics, or less suited at least.

  • Could we also request additional information on some rather difficult to find information, like the damage formula, how resistances are calculated, how atk speed works as a stat atm or other specifics that would otherwise require data-mining or very very extensive testing?

I’m contemplating an detailed skill explanation/examination/bug list thread for clerics, as I’m rather fond of having my existing cleric thread where it is.


Wow nice way to encourage people to write proper post Rebuild guides! Well good luck for the participants!


Guides posted before the event can be used, however, they must be verified that they meet the event requirements.

Yeap, of course!


Amazing. Being that ToS is mostly about particular builds being extremely deep and interesting, it shows exactly how well IMC staff knows this game. No one need broad guides on the whole Class Tree, but everyone wants in-depth guides on particular builds.


It says Class guides, not Class Tree guides.

Build guides can, and should be a part of the Class guides.

What it’s saying is you get comprehensive Class guides which can/will include Builds.


Yet I think they should judge the guides by their quality and value to the community ;(

in severe pain and sadness after spending hours on a guide, that does not answer that one requirement


My guide from the last contest didn’t get evaluated :tired:

(and yes I sent in multiple tickets)


@STAFF_Amy how can we do this? Should we tag you guys? Or should we send tickets?


Battle’s Guide to Boruta

Step 1: Join the biggest guild on your server
Step 2: Farm the spawn points with 70 of your new guildees
Step 3: Rinse and repeat for 4 hours and make sure no-one gets close to the dragon so your officers get all the points and can sell the recipes for 500 million silver a pop

~ The End

What do I win?

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