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New Boruta Schedule not Align with Local Time

Refer to the latest announcement,

Please be informed that new schedule was not align with local time of each region yet.

For example, Boruta respawn at 10 AM SGT instead of 10 PM.

Please help fix it ASAP.

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @GM_Francis



Pls IMC, can you not be too creative with your time related stuff.

Last time they f_ked up timezone and cancel the event as solution.

Let see if they cancel boruta :smirk:

please fix it ASAP, thank you for your hard working. :grin:

I think it’s respawning 10 PM servertime instead of local time.

no its not. it spawn 10pm NA time. and we Telsian get cucked.coz it 10am here

Please just revert back the old time, it’s clashing with SEA work times. Appreciate it.

This is a terrible change for Fedimian. Most of Europe switched to Summer Time and added +1 hour to their clock (I posted about it when it happened, but no reply… GTW time on Fedimian next sunday? ). It’s not that bad for GTW (9pm-10pm) or Feud (10:10pm 10:45pm) because it still is a time when most people are awake.

But for Boruta, here’s how it will translate to Europe/Fedimian

  • UK/Ireland/Portugal will do Boruta 10pm-2am
  • Most europe countries, a huge chunk of the playerbase, will do Boruta 11pm-3am
  • Russia will do Boruta 12am-4am

Old times were fine, really. Please consider switching it back, so players can actually attend the event. Or extend the hours so at least it starts earlier.

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Ridiculous decision of this enterprise. Shame on you IMC…

since only one hour per day they should remove this schedule at all
especially with new stupid times

Boruta was back on schedule yesterday in EU. Started at 10pm as planned. But of course, I don’t see a lot of people able to stay up to 2am to try after the big guilds took their share in the early hours…

Also how are you supposed to get contribution now when you play a support character? I bet the 70% cutoff is still in effect, so as long as you don’t do damage you will simply help others get contribution… people switch around roles so everyone in guild gets the points?

And finally what about mouse mode improvement? I was really anticipating the “Auto Skill Targeting” change but guess what… there’s nothing as such in the option menu (unless I’m really blind). Now I decided to go with my cryo/kino for Boruta to test the damage output of Ice Wall + Gravity Pole on the phat dragon… but that’s impossible since the stupid cell placement feature simply doesn’t work inside the cave!!!

While I haven’t done a ton of Bora, it seems like you get contribution for healing, at least the healers we went with always left with a decent amount of points.