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New at wizard tree

Hi :slight_smile:

So i’m trying to play with wizards now since my scout kinda feel meh atm since end-game content feels a little boring at PvE. And here is my question: wich build works fine and has great damage aganist mobs/bosses and, if it’s possible, pvp?

I saw some builds and i tested some of them with the sprout event, but i feel that those builds were kinda not my style or it fells in some way weak ( i’m a scout player, so i think thats why i feel those classes a bit weaker :thinking:). The builds i’ve tried:

  • Ele - taoist - pyro: I’ve enjoyed taoist’s damage, but elementalist and pyro was really horrible to my playstyle, the damage/“support” was ok, but when i faced bosses that moves a lot, i just spend my SP damaging nothing.

  • Taoist - cryo - WL: i tryed to teorycraft this build as i do with scout (my currently build it’s Sheriff - BM- Ardito, i know, strange but works for me and i do invest in 2 sub-weapons :crazy_face:), but… was strange to play with. Use Taoist + Cryo skills results a great combo, but WL was just there, doing nothing.

  • Cryo - Kino - Onmyoji: This one feels like it work awesome at PvP since it has many CC, but i can’t do the ice wall + psychic pressure combo in time and the damage was strange/weak… Onmyoji before Re:Build was weak in my opinion, now fells more weaker, but since i play with scout, everything fells weak :sad:

  • FF - Shadow - WL: The Dark Wizard build that many friends were talking about… I’ve understand the concept and the support from each passive from each class, but i don’t know if it works that well. I’ve just read and saw some videos, it was great and the damage was really high, but i wanna something that could at least work at PvP content and i just didn’t feel that this one works as much as some build with cryo, kino or Onmyoji. I know that Shadowmancer it’s kinda a utility class with shadow pool, hallucination, and has some bossing potential with the fear debuff/combo from shadow condensation (3 sec really worth it?) + shadow thorn/shadow conjuration. I’ve played with shadow when this class came to IToS, but just this class was kinda weak without linker, now that wizard lost linker, i can’t see shadow as a good damage dealer/utility class.

BTW, those 3 sec from shadow condensation are worth it?
BTW2, the passive shadow conjuration: Shadow trap does how much damage? It’s ok to spend many points on it if i decided to use shadowmancer?

As i was writing this topic, i was recording some topics from this forum and thought this builds ( i don’t know if i saw this builds somewhere and just poped in my mind):

  • WL - FF - Onmyoji

1- FF passive Witch Doctor + FF skills + WL skills combo, theoretically ( i didn’t play with this build, actually i didn’t play with wizard classes for a long time) will be a great AoE/single damage resorce.

2- I know that Kundela Slash: Curse of Curses aply 3 hits, but if all debuffs from the 4 classes (wizard included - lethargy), it will never hit less than 3 hits since the target will always have many debuffs. Levitation: Cursed Blood will increase more the damage from FF skills, this will make him more strong. Plus the Enervation debuff could be much more OP.

3- Onmyoji could work as a super-AoE damage dealer (i disagree that he gives all that damage, but…) + utility with his skills. Genbu armor as a defensive/desperate option. Passive from Yin Yang Harmony: Mediator will increase much more all Dark FF and WL skills in a +20% for 50 sec.

And thats why i, theoretically, think this build could work really fine for me at PvE/PvP, but when you look to all those skills, i think that it has too many skills/rotations, and thats make me worried if i’ll manage to play appropriately…

What do you think, guys? This build could work? Someone have tested? And please, take it easy on me, i’m brand new at wizard tree and i’m a huuuuuuge nb at it ( and my english it’s horrible). :sad::tired:

WL - FF - Onmyoji

WL + FF is a strong combo and Onmyoji goes well with everything, it should work fine, but the main thing is to have fun with the build.

It can work. Another not so popular but viable build that people try is Warlock - Onmyoji - Shadowmancer and that is to make use of the Ying Yang Harmony attribute to boost Shadowmancer skills as well. Featherfoot can be used to replace Shadowmancer since it can give the dark boost to Warlock like you said with the Witch Doctor attribute.

Wizards in general do not do very well when bosses move around too much. One problem you may have is Kurdaitcha not hitting bosses when they move away from your skills. Also Kundela Slash has a small AOE so if bosses run away it might also be troublesome to hit. The best way is I guess to learn boss mechanics and know when to use what skill.

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Thx for replying <3

Kurdaitcha its good to have at what lv? I thought that i don’t need it :tired:

Edit: actually, i don’t know the distribution of any class :sad:

Take this as a base, in featherfoot try to choose only blood sucking or blood curse, try both and choose the one that suits you best.

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Thx for replying. But why kurdaitcha lv10?

When you fight a boss, you have to walk in circles around him, and you’ll see hundreds of hits hitting him.

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Kurdaitcha is one of your best DPS skills. Use it and walk in circles to leave bloody footprints on the ground. Multiple footprints can stack and hit the boss multiple times which translates to very high number of ticks from that skill. But of course there comes the problem with bosses running away.

I would personally recommend at least 1 point in Blood Sucking because 1 point is sufficient to heal yourself. Also, Ghastly Trail should at least have 1 point because you can just press on it once and let go to have the 44% Evil Spirits damage increase.

I actually have a guide that I made for a competition some time back for wizard builds. I’m in the midst of updating my other thread with new information but it isn’t complete so you can refer to my old guide for the time being

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One thing I do to bosses that move alot is hail (pyro-elem-taoist). Freeze them then use creeping death charm. I was told stone curse works too, but I’ve never tried.

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I have played (in PVP) WL-Shadow-Onmyo before and have reset back to cyro kino onmyo.

What i can share is WL playstyle is kinda sluggish, you have to bring those spirits everywhere and have to recast ghastly trail every 10s. And when you use evil sacrifice it often miss. But if your enemy stand still it can kill them in 1 hit.
Shadowmancer will be buffed later with 10s blind (no more 3s (source : Ludo games youtube)) but right now it’s damage is kinda low i think, it’s hard to use shadow fetter on moving enemy and shadow pool is buggy (cannot move on certain circumstances)

On the other hand cyro kino onmyo is amazing “right now”. Later it will get nerf, frost pillar will freeze enemy only 3 times in short time. Actually this is more a cc class, you cc, team/guild mate kill your enemies, so you will not do much killing except you got end game equipments.

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Stone Curse works but it greatly decrease Creeping Death Charm DPS. Use Stone Curse when you want to use Fire skills

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Yeah, i was testing WL and i do see those things about the spirits missing the target, but those spirits can taunt the mobs quite nicely. And Pole of Agony was really disapointing. One thing that keeps me trying use WL is the insane damage from mastema and the ticks from phantom pain.

Shadow + FF will work too? The passive shadow conjuration: Shadow trap does how much damage? Cuz i really enjoyed play with FF, and i don’t wanna take out FF from my build, but WL i could (if shadow really are worth it cuz play with “”“low”"" damage or bugged class it’s quite sad :sad:).

Do you have all the attributes activated?

Yes. And all enhance passives at lv70-80. I just don’t have a good weapon tho…

Why dont you try FF kino Onmyo? It’s quite good i think. You will have AOE, CC and single dmg.

Shadow needs warlock to shine, because warlock will give blind debuff that increase shadow’s damage.

Shadow trap give 2x hits but only for ground type enemy.

I’ve tryed kino, but i really think he’s a strange class @_@ but i’ll try this one too.

I thought that WL gives fear debuff and shadow gives blind :thinking:

But the damage of each tick from shadow trap, it’s good or still very low like when shadowmancer came?

Kino is very good in PVP and have synergi with onmyo, the fox buff will give kino extra damage on gravity pole and physic pressure.

WL give fear debuff no more. IMC changed it to blind debuff.

It’s good but not good enough for me, once i tried with 100 attribute but i’m still not satisfied…well, it’s just my opinion though :laughing:
But the reason i change from shadow is because shadow pool is buggy, shadow fetter have slow animation and infernal shadow is kinda confusing to use.

Shadow pool is buggy in what way?

As i read and study those classes, i see why wizard needs synergy. It’s not like scout that almost enything works :smile:

When in shadow pool state sometimes when you get hit with aoe attack you will be stuck. Can’t move at all untill resurface.

Scout is fun to play, higher dmg output but die faster in pvp.

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Warlock can give Blind AND Fear

Fear from this attribute:
Blind from this:

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