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Nerf Arbalester is a dumb thing

Hi, i’m main Arbalester since this class come to iTOS. And i have a question: Why nerf 3 skills and “buff” 2 skills being that Shining Burst was nerf 5sec > 3 sec.
Mergen, Cannon, Matross, Musk and TH have a lot of % skill factor, but why only arbalester don’t recieve same love?
Please, buff my class! Look for crossbow users!

Hello Savior,

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Buff Arbalester yes because it’s not op, he’s only “High Tier”… Maybe just make a better stuff/right build and you will be ok.

A extreme situation:

There is some others class who need “real love” than your Arbalester.

to be fair, the guy in the video has a weapon upgraded higher than +30 iirc.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that Arbalester isn’t off as badly as it was before.
It’s more of a problem that some specific builds are just way too good in comparison to others,where only 1 or 2 classes are changed.

IMC already stated that they plan to make hard to play classes more rewarding, so I hope the compensation for classes that are not as good will come in more drops from raids, better rewards from weekly content and so on, so the additional time you’ve spent on clearing the same content is not wasted compared to the top builds.

Yes & that’s why a called this video “Extreme situation”.

You will still make good damage with a +16 and with the right stuff/build. You have to put more effort to be viable than a TOP tier.

Let’s see what’s the next move of imc with low/trash tier classes.

Hummm, so arba just need a +30 crossbow? Got it. That video is not a parameter.

I have +16 crossbow, arts 10/20, enhance 100.
And i lost for mergen, cannon and musket classes. So… Is a dumb thing nerf Arba and buff Musket and Cannon LMAO

AND we need remember: Wugushi still givin lag in iTOS :stuck_out_tongue:

I sent you the extreme situation to show you what Arbalester can do. Of course you have to be lucky to make a +30 but you can still make the others stuff (with motivation). Maybe you will kill misrus in 20-30sec instead of 8sec that’s bad?

You are not optimized (10/20 on arts) you have to understand that your class need to be optimized to do something more better (thunder ark will help you) and others class you choose need full arts.

Just remember you can reach the top tier but you have to do more investment on it.

this is your zone: High tier - can beat/reach top tier sometimes

Just go improve you stuff and find solutions instead of complaining/crying because right now, they are not gonna make something on your lovelester.

And like i said, there is some others classes near the trash tier who need more love than your favorite class.

That’s what i need to know: Arba + ? + ?
Cuz my others job have art 10 too. Wugu here still lagged, so not a class for iTOS.

No. He’s using +16