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Need help with equipment progression for 440+

The last equipment I have are from episode box. And it’s hard to do daily quest in maps near orsha. And i cannot pass level 4 challenge mode. I need advise on weapon and armor progression after 440 and where to get those weapon and armor?

Do you have Episode 11 box or episode 12? If you don’t have episode 12 box, then get it as soon as possible, and work toward the event scrolls to upgrade your gears. (Episode 12 is Savinose Dysnai by the way). Make sure to check out new/return guide: New/Returning Savior Guide

solo challenge mode? Do you have any assister to help you?
What is your build? what level are your attributes and enhancement arts at?
What is your critical rate? Do you have any enchants/item awakenings?
Did you max out your random stats by reidentifying your ichor material/savinose dysnai set and using Sandras Detailed Magnifier on them?
Did you use the Weapon Maintenance shops in town to increase the attack of your weapons?
What about gems inside the weapons? Do you have any Drakonas/Moringponia Accessories?
Did you get the [Ep 12] equipment improvement scrolls from the current arbor day event shop?

There is so much that can help you improve the odds even with the episode 11 or episode 12 gear.

Just got the equipment from episode box and upgrade it with event sprout.
Build is a mess. I just change my summoner necro alchemist into onmyoji elementalist alchemist.
Attributes still confused which one to take besides skills additional effect.
All equipment still generic maybe I should try to enchant and awaken.
Seems need to learn about ichor too now
Random equipment stat still not good enough. Got to find a better stat then.
Haven’t try weapon maintenance shop yet.
Gem just level 5 and 6 magic attack at my rod. Don’t know if I can get additional stat from shield.
Don’t know Drakonas/Moringponia yet.
Seems a lot to learn here since I’m still a newbie XD
Thanks for the advices
Having a hard time to farm silver >.<
Only got 300k per day from level dungeon and a bit more from field daily challenge level 3 but the repair cost is so huge >.< which make hard to find silver to upgrade equipment >.<

Don’t look further… :haha:
Alchemist is only good for one thing: stay in town and offer services. I have a “shop” character that was alchemist-sage (low level, no third class yet), but to level it up I switched to rune caster-sage-terramancer.

Those two classes have no synergy. Either play onmyoji with non elemental classes (rune caster, terramancer, sage, kino), or play elementalist with elemental classes (pyro, tao, cryo). Once you updated your build using either of those two path, your problem will be solved.