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Nak Muay requirements need to be reassessed heavily

I just wanna say real quick, that the requirements to unlock Nak Muay are ridiculous and should never have ever been implemented. RNG, for 100 amounts of a resource in a large pool? Planting a flower with limited amounts of gathering per hour?

Whoever thought that this was actually a good idea, and that we’d enjoy this, should do this themselves with limited time, say… one week, to complete these tasks. If they fail, they have to do this again. Each time they fail, their time limit decreases by one day. When they reach the final day, and they fail to complete all tasks in 24 hours, they redesign the class acquirement criteria.

This is not only a poor design, it’s a theme that’s prevalent in other class unlocks. Never design something for a consumer base, that you would hate doing yourself. Honestly tell all of us if your programmers/development teams enjoy meeting these criteria in a limited amount of time whilst continuing to do their jobs.

Didn’t they made it easier than what it used to :confused:

I mean I went through pain and blood to get my Nak Muay title…

“the sharpest swords are forged in the hottest fires”

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It was harder? O.o So it seems to be an issue with balance? This is time based though. I can’t see why they would make it so excruciatingly painful to acquire a class by clearing class acquirement criteria like this, which clearly requires tens of hours, or more, to complete a single task due to RNG. Isn’t the Shinobi worse? Like, the flower only blooms at a specific time of day or something?

Nah! Shinobi was a breeze compared to Nak

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Welp, that’s something at least :’) From what I’ve been reading on forum posts and reddit threads, Nak Muay seems to be the most difficult and frustrating class to unlock

what guides are you using?_?

I use this one ^-^

P.S. the message response timer is really irritating. I get it, to deny spammers, but I’m tryna have a conversation ):

P.P.S. The Murmillo’s Frenzied Slash needs a target lock-on, rather than a distanced location. It seems to easily miss a target I’m targeting, regardless of whether or not I meet the distance requirement.

like DrRM said, shinobi is a breeze compared to Nak Muay, the only hard part of that quest was the RED ESSENCE quest item, the Bell Pollen quest item was bearable.

you get a title?!!! let me check my Toon for that, what’s the title called?

I also find it very strange that a martial arts class is placed amongst sword, shield, claymore and spear users. I know that Muay Thai is used to kill in the fastest possible way, but a martial art it remains. The same is said for Monks. I feel as though they need their own base class. This would give the developers more creative freedom, to have fun creating more martial arts based classes ^-^

I also know that martial arts incorporate the use of weapons too. Still, hand-to-hand is a lot of fun. They could add a kickboxing class, another mixed martial art, place the Monk there, add a Dancer class (they use discs attached to ribbons as a violent art form method of killing) etc.

It was more difficult, they already adjusted that. It took me 1 month to get my first nak muay playing a few hours a day. For me it’s fine, because things related to martial arts are always difficult, it’s part of the training.

but I agree with that.

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It was more of a way of saying…

Haven’t check if there is an actual title xD

Nak Muay is a big part of my Swordsman build and I would hate to lose it after losing Shinobi :frowning:

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lolz, the title was all just a figure of speech XD.

I did Shinobi and Nak Muay quests together, there were others doing Shinobi, (so don’t say the flower part was easier and there are less channels now, so less flowers.)
Took me about… 3 days, still doable compared to Appraiser, right of the bat, thrown into 4 timed spawn flowers that always have someone waiting… (forever stuck at 2 flowers).

Were they worth the unlock? Yes, back then, now, not so much.
If anything, they should do a martial arts based tree, I mean, this game took a lot from Granado Espada, but didn’t take some of the best parts, like all the different Martial Arts or weapon stances (and Bracelets for Elementalists as weapons).

This quest is driving me insane. Why the actual would they separate “Bright Ellom Bells” from normal Ellom Bells??? And drop them in the same loot pool??? Why couldn’t they just create a “Bright Ellom” specifically for this task???


If Nak Muay is not the most ridiculously flexible, OP, class with the best animations in the game, I’m not playing this anymore. With poor design choices like this, I can only see ToS getting worse over time.

I appreciate IMC’s commitment to improving ToS, but this is the most frustrating and most poorly designed class unlock questline I’ve ever played in a MMORPG. It doesn’t even reflect what Muay Thai even is. FFXIV did it best, with intermittent quests per every 5 class levels for base classes and jobs, imo.

So they still haven’t implemented the change I read about some time ago about making the req be normal Ellom bells…


ah! good times, past me almost had a heart attack :relieved:

and lets not talk about the 100th of gear and other drop…


8 “pages” or more of drop items…

hahah still, this is better than the Red Essences. :smiley:

brace yourself! new patch of nakmuay is very strong