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Nak Muay Quest (UPDATE)

When is the update for Nak Muay quest so that there are no more quest items and just items that you can also buy in the market? the game is fun and i got back after a year of hiatus, really need to make the game accessible because some of us wants to play the game and have a life and not farming 130 Red Meduja Essences for 1 month to make 1 strawberry cupcake and proceed with another time consuming quest. IMC make this easier or just release the change job voucher for Nak Muay already.

I know that feel bruh… I’ve been there :tired:

I just wish that they would already implement the decrease in the number of essences required… you can somehow refer on this thread a random player once made:

Im still hoping and waiting for any updates as well…


Hope that they do the updates this coming patch, if not then this is gonna be a long weekend.

I really hope so that there will be some sort of solution for this difficulty… Im still waiting for it as well

any news on when they will change it to the tentacles and just ellom bells? im dying here, still preserving my sanity by hunting 10 essences per day.

I don’t remember if they changed the required items for those requests, but they increased the drop rate for Red Meduja Essences and Bright Ellom Bells to be the same as the regular items iirc. Besides, they reduced the amount of Red Meduja Essences required. This should come in the next big update, which is expected to happen on July 10 according to the staff.

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Yas… Yassssss… YASSSSSSS!!! FINALLY!
+0+ :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Dunno if the picture is gonna show up but here is the official announcement!

“Besides the new skill, when this update patch hits we will also be reducing the difficulty of Nak Muay class unlocking requirements.”


EDIT: but i think im gonna be done on farming that essences once this thing goes live on the 10th of July as Pokart stated above. Well this is good news for new players now :slight_smile:

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