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[NA] WTS current Goddess Cube rotation stuff

Family ign : Katsugo

Selling bunch of Gacha stuff :


On stuff without price attached just whisper me your offer !!!

Satgat Hat - 7m ,
Horse Medal - 4m ,
Court Schoolar Costume (Male ) - 6m ,
Court Schoolar Costume (Female ) - 10m ,
Royal Envoy Costume (Male )- 23m ,
Moon Rabbit Costume - 55m ,
Black Ceremonial Robes (Female ) - 20m ,
Royal Envoj Horse Stamp - offer ,
Wooden Pane Shield - 5m ,
Also taking shards !
Also selling Medal service 40 shards per costume !

Stupid question… would someone even CONSIDER wasting 55 mil silver for this? Dunno… that’s a few months worth of tokens or enough to buy shards to transcend a weapon by a good amount. If it was something fancy (special class costume) or unique (wings) I would consider buying, but a common rabbit costume… no thanks :wink:

They’re also double-triple the going rate on Klai right now… He’s probably just flipping.

people are asking for 100kk on silute for the helmet only :(.
i already brought the body
wanted to buy helmet but 100 for it is too much for me since i have not been farming playing the same as the past.
some wings are selling at 300-400kk. the giltine wing was sold even at 500kk mark i believe mark on silute .
tree of costume is the real game, and people are crazy at it.

Silute economy is tottaly ■■■■■■. Everything cost 2 or 3 times more than other servers.

In case if anyone dont like the price or pay in silver as i said in post i also accept BS . But in case if you just think its overprice than please dont bother complaining , its a market thread after all .


That I understand. This is an ultra-rare one-time piece of equipment which moreover looks badass. On Fedimian, I think only one person (or maybe two) owns Giltine’s wings.

well, the bunny is badass hahah. i bet no one would like to have a bunny killing them in pvp gemstone, so if you have the costume and kill someone with it, it adds a extra layer of trauma to them.
but the prices are crazy and not worth . for 100kk at least.
and about numbers i have seen far more giltine wings than full set of bunny costumes being used :(, even more now because of all the problems of recent news and so on.